Dear friends,

On June 12 the feast of Shavuot is celebrated, Feast of Weeks (Pentecost). This feast comes after Pesach, after deliverance and after the beginning of the journey towards our destiny. Many women and children do not experience deliverance at all. And they are being blocked in reaching their destiny. Many millions of them are involved in slavery, others drown at sea on their fleeing towards freedom. This world does not develop itself very much towards becoming paradise; better said, not at all.

Shavuot is the feast of receiving the Torah on mount Sinai. At the same time Shavuot is the feast on which Israel and her soul mates always received and receives power and comfort and encouragement, from the Lord in heaven. May it be so that those who are free pray for them who are not. That they who are not free may receive freedom in their innermost being. And power; and comfort; and encouragement. And receive physical freedom very soon.

Elze Erwteman, editor in chief