The official date for spring is March 21. But the cold wind and sometimes small layers of snow in my country Holland give a different impression. Yet we know that there is new life waiting there, in that cold soil that seems lifeless. And since the Eternal One announces His Good News in all sorts of ways, it will not be for nothing that precisely this time Pesach falls, the biblical Easter. What seems dead in nature has countless germs of life in the soil.

What seemed dead when Israel was imprisoned in Egypt and her baby boys were thrown into the river, turned out to be full of life-germs when the Eternal One delivered us and sent us on a journey. What seemed dead, when the Messiah, Yeshua, was hung from the Roman torture cross, turned out to be dead. But after three days and nights the Messiah rose from the dead and gave life to those who recognised Him as G-d on earth.

What appears to be dead in a person under oppression and deprivation of freedom turns out to have life-germs, when there is faith within that no one can take away. What seems dead in a marriage where too much has happened, or too little, can contain life-germs, if you go for it. The strength that raised Yeshua from the dead during Passover 2000 years ago, is the same power that Israel received at countless times in its existence.

The art of our lives is finding the Door of Hope, which Hosea has prophesied about (chapter 2, verse 15). The Eternal points out a way out to us and we must take the steps to walk that path and open that door. Moshe Rabbenoe – Moses our Teacher – taught us, that requires faith, decisiveness and perseverance to reach the final goal.

The Messiah Yeshua suffered from the bloodthirsty anti-semitism of the Romans. But He also used the power that Israel had and raised from the most deadly conditions. With that power and the Door of Hope there is a view of the future, which is determined by the Gd of Israel.

I wish you a liberating Pesach!
Elze Erwteman, editor-in-chief