Dear friends,

The Feast of Trumpets is behind us. This is the year 5777. Shana tovah umetukah, that you may be inscribed in the Book of Life! The fact that the Lord is Judge of all makes one modest en helps to search one’s soul. Ten Days of Awe later it will be the Day of  Atonement. Our relationship with G-d which we can’t restore will be healed by Him. He reconciles us with Himself And yet five days later it will be Feast of Booths. Between the leaves, like Adam who hid him self in the bushes, but also like Paradise.

Turning the clock back just shortly and then forward, with Paradise as finish and being fed with the Tree of Life which is in it.  But reconciliation is only real if we are in touch with the world around  us and further away. People in misery. People in slavery, adults and children. People seeking refuge. Whom can they trust? The only one who is faithful and can be trusted is G-d himself. He comforts where no one else can reach.

Israel and soulmates He always gave strength and encouragement. People who put their trust in Him, sometimes because they have no one else. Prayer for each other, who is free for those who are not. And those who aren’t free for those who are. Good holidays and good times after them is what I wish for you.

Elze Erwteman, editor in chief