Purim reminds us that the Lord is committed to save Israel at all times. We can see that in the story of Esther and Mordecai. Their love for the Lord and their people led to the salvation of the Jewish people. We can find that in the whole Bible in the actions of people when they choose to be faithful to G’d and His people. Think e.g. on the Exodus from Egypt. It was Moses who was used by the Lord to lead the people from slavery to freedom.

Purim is especially a time to rejoice that the G-d of Israel will never forget us and always gives help. Purim is therefore happily celebrated in the synagogues with preferably a Purim Shpil. Here the story of Esther is depicted and the roles of the different characters are played by members of the congregations There can be freedom to play the roles and that often leads to much joy and hilarity. It is then wonderful to laugh and enjoy delicious cookies and cakes especially in honor of this Feast.

It is always partnership: G’d and man, G’d and His people. Israel, country and people always deserve our support. Furthermore, there is an evil in the world that believers in Yeshua Messiah, increasingly are being oppressed and often seriously persecuted with North Korea as the first country and then the Palestinian territories. Furthermore, there is serious persecution in Muslim countries and also an increase in a country like India.

We cannot just let that happen and here too, acts of faith are needed to change situations and bring help and salvation. Purim makes us aware that faith is needed to change things and acts of faith are needed to change things and situations in this world for the better like Esther and Mordecai did.

Happy Purim!
Elze Erwteman, editor-in-chief