Dear friends,

The feast of Booths is behind us. We lived in our sukkoth, and danced with our Torah scrolls. It was these same scrolls which angered the enemies in 167 BCE in such a way that they took away our rights to live in booths, to dance with our scrolls and to circumcise our little boys; and to celebrate Shabbat. Why did these enemies care so much about the Word of G-d? It is because our enemies were G-d’s enemies. Such is the still the case in our times today. Millions of refugees, women, men and children in sex slavery, darkness against the light.

The Feast of Lights is approaching, called Hanukkah (Chanukah). The name contains the rebuilding, restoration and rededication of the Jewish Temple, Israel’s national focus point of identity. The oil for the lights was defiled or not existent anymore. Only one jar of sacred oil was found by the Jewish priests who were eager to light the Temple Menorah (candle holder). But it contained only enough oil for one day. A miracle occurred when the Temple Menorah, lit at the dedication, continued to give light for eight days. It was a miracle you read about in the New Testament concerning food, performed by the Jewish Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

The world we live in needs light with so much darkness around us. We need light within us, when despair and trouble darken our thinking and our souls.¬†Israel and soulmates G-d always gave and gives strength and encouragement, people who put their trust in Him, sometimes because they have no one else. Prayer for each other, who is free for those who are not. And those who aren’t free for those who are. Read and learn to love G-d’s Word, receive light and learn to¬†spread light.

Elze Erwteman, editor in chief