Dear friends,

Pentecost (Feast of Weeks, Shavuot) is already behind us again. The date of Pentecost ordered in the Bible by the Lord ons counts from the second day Pesach. Then you finish counting the 50 days this year on May 31 as first day Shavuot, and the day starts on the eve, which was May 30.

After 2000 years of falsification of biblical history it is quite difficult for some of us to pick up the origin and keep the right date. But that’s what Messianic Jewish congregations are for, where on the right times these beautiful feasts are celebrated.

Pentecost is the feast of encounter, of getting the Lord and each other, where Pesach is the feast of fleeing away from the environment of the enemy, Egypt at the time. At Pentecost the Lord handed over the Torah to Moses ¬†which is the mirror image of the new man. Spirit filled Israel and soul mates utilized thankfully the “perfect law of liberty” (see James 1:25).

I wish you a good year of encounters, divine appointments, in which you will be able to share your gifts and talents and will be able to be blessed yourself.

Enjoy the summer,
Elze Erwteman, editor in chief