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Cultural Zionism against anti-Semitism

Cultural Zionism against anti-Semitism by Elze Erwteman The Simon Wiesenthal center recently offered ex-president Obama a copy of a letter signed by Adolf Hitler in 1919 and known as “The Hitler Letter”. In this he stated his hatred of the Jews and his plans for the total “removal of the Jews” from the face of...
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Hanukkah, four levels of insight

According to Jewish tradition, there are several levels of insight into the story of Hanukkah. There is the first level, of religious freedom and the people as a unity with the Torah as a law book. Never in the history of Israel had the oppression, attack and devastation been so bad. Not among the Assyrians...
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A sensitive heart

A sensitive heart, among other things, we develop by learning from our own mistakes and sufferings without being stuck in a victim role. That is a difficult process in a human life and we all have to do it bij ourselves. However, we need each other in this process so much in social groups e.g....
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Pesach: reliving our deliverance

by Elze Erwteman It is the time of preparation for Passover. A time of reflection and calibrate our faith. The rabbis describe the midwives in the days of Israel in Egypt in an interesting and engaging way. They explain the text and give us an fresh interpretation, “the king of Egypt summoned the midwives and...
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