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Pesach: reliving our deliverance

by Elze Erwteman It is the time of preparation for Passover. A time of reflection and calibrate our faith. The rabbis describe the midwives in the days of Israel in Egypt in an interesting and engaging way. They explain the text and give us an fresh interpretation, “the king of Egypt summoned the midwives and...
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Cultivating and taking care of the earth

Cultivating and taking care of the earth by Lianne Groothedde Sustainability is becoming a hot topic. It’s practicised in nearly every field you can think of, like construction, technology, agriculture and energy. At the same time there is an increasing demand for produce. The world’s population is still growing, which leads to a higher need...
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Women in the army of Israel

Women in the Army of Israel by Elze Erwteman When you walk in the northern neighborhood of Jerusalem, Pizgat Ze’ev, you can see an Arab village named: Hizme. The Arab village is about 5 km from Ramallah, the Capital of the Palestinian Authority. (PA). It is located about 7 km from the old town of...
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My faith gives me a certain mentality

My faith gives me a certain mentality by Tirsa Burgos  In everyday life I really stand for my faith. If people ask me why I do things a certain way, I explain them. I tell them I live Jewish, eat kosher and go to a synagogue every shabbat. I’m really thinking about how I want...
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Esther saves her People

Esther saves her People! By Elze Erwteman   The theologian Abraham Kuyper describes Esther as a girl and according to his interpretation she should not have taken part in the beauty contest which meant that she could become the Queen of the Persian Empire. He believes that Esther because of this, has violated the seventh...
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