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Rachav and Passover

When Israel was at the border of Canaan, Joshua sent two spies to Jericho to explore the country. These two men went inside the tavern that is owned by a prostitute named Rahab. She received men from various nations and therefore hears news from many different countries. Rachav also heard how the Israƫlites went out...
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Israel and serious concern because of worldwide persecution

by Elze Erwteman In the Jerusalem Post of 11 Jan. 2018 we read an article about the persecution of Christians. The article is by Benjamin Glatt and is based on the data from Open Doors. De Post writes that about 215 million Christians are being persecuted for their faith. That means 1 in 12 Christians...
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Purim and purity

by Cisca Mudde The Purim story seems so clear. The evil people are caught and tried, the good people are restored, end good all good. Is this just a fairy tale? No, quite not so! The question is: do we recognize the spirit of Purim in this present time? The Purim story has a reality...
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Purim, parted poem

by Cisca Mudde PART ONE The day will shine reveal double standards silence touches beauty everywhere where was distortion is sublimity and purity. Where can Haman always shelter think twice speak twice by wanting to be friend keeping up appearances Haman is there. Purity is suspicious even in person’s eyes confusion heard too often impossible...
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