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Hanukkah: tragedy and victory

The Greek emperor Antiochus IV (215-164 BCE) forced the Greek religion oppressively upon Israel. This meant: kosher slaughter was forbidden, circumcision of the Jewish baby boys was forbidden, and observing Shabbat was forbidden. Exactly those matters which are still forbidden with aversion and disapproval by some political and spiritual leaders in Holland toward Jews, among...
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A great miracle happened there

This week we are going to celebrate Hanukkah, Feast of lights. In our congregation all sorts of preparations are made ​​for an extra festive gathering. The children again make a contribution and I heard them  practice songs and drama. There are baked goods in oil like soefganiot (sort of Berliner dumplings with jam) and other baked...
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Forces of nature and eternal light

by Elze Erwteman In the middle of the Negev Desert in Israel, lies the small town of Mitspe Ramon. At an altitude of 850 meters, I ‘m at the edge of a cliff 500 meters deep and tremble. The forces of nature have carved out a crater with length of 40 km and about 10...
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Hannukah through it all

by Jehoeda ben-Jankoiv A jug of oil for just one day more time was needed for Your Dome You saw our deficit and knew gave Your light for the Prayer Home. One light: my G-d, His name is One Two lights: for Boaz and Yachin Three for Noah, Daniel, Job four golden Tabernacle rings Five...
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