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Shavuot, time to praise and thank G-d

 Seven weeks after the holiday called ‘Pesach’, we celebrate Shavuot, the holiday of harvesting. The time in between these two holidays is the one in which Israel harvests barley. This is the time that Israel produces vegetables and fruit. This means it is a very busy period for those who work on the land. However,...
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Feast of Weeks: delivered in order to become dependent

Heavenly present In a short, intensivce course of 50 days Israel got prepared in order to receive a heavenly present. Those 50 days started with the exodus from Egypt. A literally killing life of slavery and the ten great kicks (plagues) with which the Lord delivered Israel made a heavy impression, both on us and...
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Pesach: reliving our deliverance

by Elze Erwteman It is the time of preparation for Passover. A time of reflection and calibrate our faith. The rabbis describe the midwives in the days of Israel in Egypt in an interesting and engaging way. They explain the text and give us an fresh interpretation, “the king of Egypt summoned the midwives and...
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Natural deodorant

by Lianne Groothedde Sometimes you find an incredibly easy recipe for a care product, that works even better than the industrial version of it. This natural deodorant is an example of that. And it doesn’t only work better, it’s also a lot cheaper and it’s healthier for your body and the environment. I’m talking about...
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by Cisca Mudde Transition, liberation! Passover Lamb, unleavened. Glory and power The Most High, sets us free. We walked in His track. Sounds of the shofar make me tremble with awe I am aware of me being in the footsteps of Israels Patriarchs the footsteps of The Almighty! In awe I experience the centuries old sounds of...
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Charoset for Passover

by Jacoba Spijker-Kort Charoset is a kind of relish. Always found on the Passover Seder plate. The structure remembers us on the brickwork mortar, made by the men of Israel in Egypt to build the cities and pyramids under very hard circumstances. See the bitter herbs on the Seder plate. There are several combinations of...
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