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In this time of crisis associated with the Covid-19 virus, the world is in a state of shock and change. Virologists have warned us for years that there can and will be a pandemic at any time. Now the pandemic is here and we experience the great influence of this in our lives. The people who work in health care all over the world are doing a great job because their care task has been so greatly aggravated by the consequences of the people who have become ill with this virus. It is a very serious pneumonia and many elderly people die from this condition. We thank all health care workers!

In the whole world people are attempting to explain the origin of this virus. I have tried to write something about this situation. First, about the danger of a conspiracy theory that could be one, for example, of accusing Israel of causing the virus and this has already been done. An excellent article on this has been published by Brian Schrauger in the Jerusalem Report of April 2020. In a short article I used the most important points from this article. Another article is about the fact that humanity eats all kinds of animals for consumption with gigantic numbers: 70 billion per year, excluding fish and shellfish. We drag these animals around the world in a usually not animal-friendly way. Torah gives us wonderful guidelines on what food is allowed for man for consumption in Leviticus 11.

Furthermore, there is the shocking situation of a Muslim minority in China called Uyghurs who produce products for humanity in some kind of forced labor  for about 83 renowned brands that we all use. I found this extremely shocking and wanted to mention this in our website for women of valor. We have been set free by the King of Heaven from the house of slavery after the Exodus from Egypt. We know that it is the will of the Eternal to be able to live in freedom to give Him honour and follow Him. These articles are in the new category: Covid-19 and that of the Uyghurs in the Human Rights Department. My husband Lion Erwteman has written about Shavuoth. A Feast of hope and promise that we will celebrate in a different way this year. I wish you that you stay healthy in this difficult time!  Happy Shavuot!

Heartfelt greetings,

Elze Erwteman, editor-in-chief