Israel 70 years! President Rivlin of Israel said this week: “70 years is a very old age for a person, but for a State it is a short time.” Israel has performed incredibly much in these 70 years. All believers in the world are witnessing this and have to make a choice: in other words, your support Israel or Israel will leave you cold. You see how countries choose to support Israel. 70 countries support Israel; and that is special. Believers worldwide choose to support Israel individually. A good, sensible choice!

At this moment we are in the period between Passover and Shavuot and we count the Omer. Counting the Omer is a constructive desire, all the way up to 49 days. It starts on the second evening of Passover and this is Day 1 of the Omer Count. We count every day until it is Shavuot, seven weeks plus a day later, that is 50 days. This desiring counting is an order in the Torah: “And the day after the Shabbat (Passover), the day on which you bring the Omer (a measure of barley) for a wave offering, you must count seven full weeks.

“This wave-offering of a measure of barley was a thank-offering to the Eternal to protect the harvest against all kinds of damage by the weather. The rabbis taught us in this way that the physical world and the spiritual world are intertwined. This is also the case with our salvation. It is connected to the Revelation on Sinai: giving the Torah with its rules, laws and wisdom.

In this way, the G-d of Israel has connected with His people and with all people who join Israel and maintain the Torah, in addition to their faith in Messiah. Yeshua. After the destruction of the Temple, counting the Omer was also a way to express the desire for a country of Israel. Now that the country is there, we look forward to the salvation of Israel and the world and that is also an important reason for counting the Omer.

I wish you a renewing Shavuot!

Elze Erwteman, editor-in-chief