FALL 2018

Israel exists 70 years since 19 April of this year 2018. This is celebrated exuberantly in Israel on April 19. Israel has been threatened since that first day, and there has been war on war, and the Eternal has miraculously given victory as He also gave David. David had a life that testified to his relationship with G-d. Together with the Eternal he had protected his herds from wild animals, which were strong and deadly, read Psalm 144:1. Through David’s courage and skill and the training he had from the Eternal, Israel was freed that day in one blow in the war against the Philistines at the time. A tiny country surrounded by enemies who want to end the life of Israel. This has been the case for 70 years now. And now see the beautiful land that has increased in human numbers and has increased in prosperity. It is a great miracle!

What is also very special in today’s Israel is the fact that more and more women are serving in the army. In the seventy years of the existence of Israel, this is also a special fact. Women are increasingly serving in combat units. This has to do with the development of women in this age in which we live. Besides being a mother, they also want to do their bit to protect their country when they are young and strong. This desire in young women is a fact that must be taken into account. In Israel there are opposition and votes against women in the army, but the women are not stopped.

In December 2017, female recruits in the IDF ended their training as tank soldiers of the Merkava Mark III tank unit and were applauded by the head of the training brigade of the corps, Colonel Moran Omer, during a ceremony on the monument to fallen soldiers of the Armoured Corps. in Latrun, outside of Jerusalem. He said, “We stand for a special period of history. For the first time a medal of tank operators will be attached to the uniform of female IDF soldiers.” And also: “You have stood up against the difficult physical challenges, you have learned the trade and no less important, you have learned to love metal appreciate.”

In the tanks, only women will work as a unit and not mixed with men. These are agreements that are currently being made in the army with regard to women and men in the army. The women also play an important role in the gathering of information in hazardous areas. On a hill overlooking the small community of Yahel in the Arava, a unit uses female soldiers of combat units, who gather intelligence their latest advanced tactical reconnaissance vehicle to look into the darkness and thwart any terrorist attacks. It is a breath taking time for the IDF with all the threats and challenges. The role of women is now irreversible and we pray for the safety of these brave men and women who are being used to protect Israel!

Be encouraged by the heavenly protection for Israel and those who love Israel,

Elze Erwteman, editor-in-chief