In the month of Kislev the feast of Chanukkah will be celebrated. Eight days long. With candles in a special eight-arm candle holder. The Hebrew date is: 25 of Kislev. This year that will be on December 26 and followig days. It is special that the 25th word in Genesis in the Hebrew Bible is the word for light: ‘or’. The Licht was called forth on the first day. It was on 25 of Kislev in the year 160 before the usual calendar, that the Candle Holder, the Menorah, in the Temple in Jerusalem, radiated light again, after the cruel and deadly war by the Syrian soldiers against initially defenseless Jews, who even thought they had to honour Shabbat by not fighting on that day. This we remember. And we celebrate the feast that the light in our Temple was victorious. And that the Light of the world was victorious. Over the darkness.

A real revival in your country will only happen, when Jewish and gentile believers assemble in the holy presence of the Almighty, under His Messiah and His holy commandments. Together we will be one flock, under our Messiah and Shepherd (see the Jewish prophet Ezekiel 34:15-23), who has one name: Yeshua (salvation). As Jewish people we wait since many centuries for the coming of Messiah. Messianic Jews realize that Messiah has already appeared, a fact which we can also discover in the Talmud. But all Jews, including Messianic Jews, wait for the sound of the Shofar, the ram’s horn, to announce His coming. And we wait for Messiah to come and light the Candle holder for Chanukkah as the sigh that He fulfilled this radiating promise of enduring peace.

Heartfelt greetings,

Elze Erwteman, editor-in-chief