Dalia Rosenfeld

My name is Dalia Rosenfeld and I live in a small town near Tiberias, in the Galilee of Israel.
I came to know the Lord in 1982, and since then I have been developing my skills as an artist, mostly doing illustrated bible scripture. I have exhibited my work in Israel where it has been very well received. I find that it is a great way for opening the eyes of Israelis to the word of God.Samples of my work may be seen on my website www.divine-designsonline.com.
Recently God has anointed my hands to paint on olivewood plaques which have been cut from olive trees of the Galilee, the scripture: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” Psalm 122:6, in Hebrew, with a magnet attached to the back so that those who care about Israel may place them on their refrigerators and be reminded to pray for Israel each day.This project has been very exciting for me and many who have seen them have purchased them and are also helping me to sell them. I am working with an Israeli believer who is a carpenter and who is cutting the wood for me. The sales of the plaques are a help to him, his wife, and his three children. Like it is written in the bible, ‘the word will come forth from Zion’ and as an Israeli believer God has anointed my hands to spread his word.
Israel is my home, and I am passionate about my Lord Yeshua and my country. This is not an easy country in which to live and we need all the support we can get from the believers around the world. So I bless you from Israel and thank you for considering my work and for your support. I am including pictures of the olivewood plaques. God bless you,
Dalia Rosenfeld
POB 417
Yavneel 15225
Email: barryr@netvision.net.il