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Light and Hope

            Light breaking through the darkness hope breaking darkness. In G-d the dark is not only Licht is He Hope gives life Life is out of Him. Praise Him with all that is in you He is your Hope your Light Life is from Him Hope comes from Him Light...
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Vistas give space far across constricted smallness dawns Your eternity. Loose are the clamps binding to old pain by quirky religiosity from generation to generation. Torah as basis renews sets free from tribal tricks binding what should never have been bound. Vistas royal glimpses into your Kingdom of peace for human and animal. May Your...
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David the Shepherd In the Bible you come across leaders such as King David and some prophets who were shepherds. It turns out to be a very good background for dealing with people. We are not compared to sheep for nothing, we have a lot in common with sheep. Take David to start with. Samuel...
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The Olive Tree

            If the olive tree fails to bloom you enter deep territories where you never came before nothing comes naturally anymore arid regions manifest themselves made desolate as by peat fire. You move through it like Alice in Wonderland slowly you see colour a lost flower is blooming you continue...
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The courage of the daughters of Tslofchad

Exalted position This compelling and, above all, compelling event surrounding the daughters of Tslofchad in Numbers 27: 1-11, has gone down in history as the action of five women who have had the courage to approach the leadership of Israel at the time because of a tacit legacy. The Torah was supplemented by their action,...
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