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Pesach: a call to being vulnerable

Bibian Mentel is the winner of two gold medals for snowboarding in the Olympics. A strong woman, operated nine times for cancer. She had to miss her leg, and underwent seventy-two times radiotherapy. Her mother said to her; if she put a dark face, “I’d rather see your sunny face”. This was not a remark...
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In the Shelter of the Lord

Again the enemy points the arrows at the people of the Lord. Iran is on the ground in Syria, close to the border of the land of Israel. Again jihadists crawl through self-dug tunnels under the border towards Israel. Again and again cowardly “fighters” go for their G’d through the streets of Jerusalem, to stab...
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Stunning city, a triptych

Stunning city, 1 Jerusalem center of the earth intoxicating is your appearance desirable is your place greedy hands stretch out to you envy drips and drools twisted faces because of you Jerusalem they stretch the bow Whatever you do it must be different Israel is not allowed to live in you it is not awarded...
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by Cisca Mudde Transition, liberation! Passover Lamb, unleavened. Glory and power The Most High, sets us free. We walked in His track. Sounds of the shofar make me tremble with awe I am aware of me being in the footsteps of Israels Patriarchs the footsteps of The Almighty! In awe I experience the centuries old sounds of...
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Haman spirit, your days are numbered

Purim 5777 by Cisca Mudde Hiding behind a stone Ready to strike seeing your chances. Many-headed monster Haman spirit, your days are numbered The Lord is G-d. Mordechai and Esther Arise and act as in ancient times. Show courage now the tentacles again start to grow. The old hater in a new look. Under what...
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