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Acid Crime

Our role Women are talented in many ways. In order to carry out His work on earth with Him G-d equipped us with specials talents. The opponent has known this for a long time and so he tries everything to humiliate women and to break down their strength. Whether he will be successful is up...
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False teachings in connection with Israel

Igbo tribe and Jewish tribes In the search of some people for their past, they can come across the most surprising discoveries. I recently heard that someone had found out, that he is a descendant of the African Igbo tribe and that this allegedly is ¬†originally a lost tribe of Israel. I’m always happy for...
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Hanukkah, four levels of insight

According to Jewish tradition, there are several levels of insight into the story of Hanukkah. There is the first level, of religious freedom and the people as a unity with the Torah as a law book. Never in the history of Israel had the oppression, attack and devastation been so bad. Not among the Assyrians...
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Shofar, Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah in Auschwitz

In the year 1944 a group of ragged Jewish prisoners gathered for yet another very tiring work assignment in concentration camp Auschwitz. Jews were starved, tortured and murdered everywhere. The least expression of Jewish faith was strictly prohibited, reasons for execution by Nazi guards. But on that Rosh HaShanah, a group of courageous Jews managed...
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Introducing the G-d of Torah

by Elze Erwteman A very interesting Jewish scholar is the historian Dennis Prager who has written a book in which he also analyzes the Torah in a rational way. (see below). Moshe Dann writes about this book in the Jerusalem Post of June 10, 2019 citing Prager: “The God introduced into the Torah is the...
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