Faith and daily life, 1. being single


In a group of singles two questions were discussed:

1. What effect does keeping Torah have on your everyday life?

Keeping Torah makes us more steadfast in our points of view and adds more structure to our lives.
It provides a clear framework.
It made us start celebrating the Shabbat.
Celebrating Shabbat has been leading to a change in our weekly schedule.
Celebrating Shabbat is in general regarded as a positive experience: a festive day , a day we look forward to every week.
Erev- shabbat ( Friday night) is experienced as a haven of peace.
Keeping Torah is good for spirit, soul and body.
The giving of the Torah is experienced as the Eternal One’s love and care for us. These guidelines for our lives are intended for our well-being and redemption. They are good for our health, e.g. the chastity laws and dietary laws.
The dietary laws can sometimes keep us from getting diseases and adverse effects of unhealthy foods.

By keeping Torah we put the Word of G’d in the right order. We have to start at the beginning.

2. As a woman, you are called to be a ‘woman of exellence’ or ‘eshet chayil’. How does this knowledge influence your life as a woman?

Awakening to the fact that G’d said: “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.”
In this lies the concept of our life : carrying the image of the Eternal One in us.
Through this knowledge we become conscious of the desire to be a ‘woman after G’ds own heart’. Also as a single woman.

Being single, we are still able to ‘put our feminine stamp’ upon things.

We can be the ‘connective factor’ in a community, such as our families, work, congregation etc.
To show that we care. To be caring members.
To build relationships with children, be involved in their lives, if possible, within our circle of friends, work environment, family or congregation.
Stretching our tent curtains wider.
Making more room for others in our lives.
Showing hospitality.
Adonai accepts  you first of all as a person. Besides that, you are also ‘single’.
The apostle Paul says that it is even better to stay unmarried.
We should, therefore, not look for a possible future partner to fill up a gap in ourselves.

We also experience advantages of being single:

We can often do just as we please.
In making appointments, there is no need for us to take that many people into account as married women and mothers do.
We can enjoy (undisturbed) peace and quiet.

Also in society we have space, time and possibilities to make a career, to study, to be financialy independent, to practise our hobbies, to travel, to maintain friendships, to enjoy congregational life, culture etc. We as single women want to say to you: Enjoy!