Faith and daily life, 2: 50 and beyond

50 plus

Intro: We came to know Messiah Yeshua  and also the Torah.

Question 1: What was the impact from this in your daily life?

This resulted for many of us in discovering and experiencing the topical value of the Torah. So they started to keep and observe the Sabbath and this led to more consequences because you have to make choices.
Love for Israel and a view that the Lord has established His People. ( 11 Sam. 7:23). Through Yeshua recognising Israel as Ruth did.
Stop celebrating Christmas and yet meet invitations from your close family with respect, because our attitude is watched closely.
Upcoming questions that ask for searching. (Eph. 2)
Getting aware that you have to learn a lot.
No more messing around, neither with celebrating Sabbath and the other biblical feasts.
Sometimes having painful experiences because members of your family or friens do not want to listen to your new discovered treasures as celebrating Shabbath and the High Holidays.
Inward conflict to choose between closeness with friends and their culture and staying home in obedience with the Torah.  For example during Passover and the December holidays.

On one hand the choice being Torah observant can be intellectual and on the other hand are the habits from your life till then. Feelings as “longing for the comfort of the safe children age” can distract or mislead you. This is a psychologically wellknown behaviour. In weak moments like a kind of tipping between two worlds comes into existence. So as older persons we must be extra alert and have to be very distinctive.

Intro: As woman you are called to be a “strong woman” or “Eshet Chayil”.
Question 2: What is the impact of this knowledge in your life as a woman?

In living our life and persevering during hard times our prayer life is very important. To receive strength from the Lord and in our actions being able to show that we are strong women.
Every time self reflecting and asking “What is the will of the Lord for me now?”
In hard times you are more aware of your dependence on HaShem and not so much leaning on your husband.
Self-examination and heart-searching like: Is it really the Power of HaShem or is it still my own will power that pushes me?
We need to have balance in our lives by all means and all we do and plan. The woman of valor mentioned in the Book of Proverbs shows us a way.

One lady in our group told about her great privilege to have lived faithful and bible observant together with her husband. With their view on Yeshua they both experienced a very special and faithful relationship together. Her husband was taken suddenly by passing away. The sudden farewell was painful. After his death she was able to practice being even more an “Eshet Chayil”.  She was very sad indeed, but strong. Her family in big grief and in a kind of panic. We all were very impressed by this testimony.

If you discover in yourself a dominant touch Torah will show you that you have to change and humble yourself and see that this is even a better place to be spiritually.
If your social environment does not like your lifestyle with Yeshua and Torah it can be painful. We experience our choice of our lifes with Torah as very positive. It is annoying when our social environment points this as morally deficient. Our attitude needs now to prove the opposite. We have to fight against these ugly feelings while being unable to do anything against it. Let us show our source of life in our actions.
The woman of valor is alert not to fall back into the seemingly comfort of the old days.

P.S. It was really heart warming to be a part of this discussion group. To experience so much trust in each other. I think for many may be all of us as oxygen to let your self be ruled by Torah and live so your life through the strength and example of Yeshua. I am deeply grateful so to walk forward, together in our congregation.