Faith and daily life 3. Young family


1. Besides the Messiah Yeshua we have also come to know the Torah in a new way.
In what way has this influenced your daily life?

A huge influence! Positive, but not always easy. The women in the discussion group explain that it changes everything and everything happens in G’ds time. Like not participating in secular activities like Christmas anymore. We can support each other in such things.
The following question arises in the lives of the mothers at the table: How to teach your children Torah while they are being exposed to worldly matters? Children are loyal to their families and like clarity.  To interact lovingly with loved ones that are still participating in the pagan festivals demands our being a little accomodating, while our children like to be fundamentalists.

A beautiful task for a woman of valor: the making of distinction and taking care to stay as clean as possible with a loving attitude. Wise lessons to our children!

Some of the women at the table are blessed with good schools! Adonai blesses us! He helps us raising and educating our children!

We do not want to think in black- and- white. We do not think a teddy bear with a little star on it is necessarily occult. We do not want to give the adversary any credit.

Knowledge is important to our children. Respecting your neighbors is also very important! We think it quite a challenge. After all we are that one different family in the neighborhood. But we are doing it with love. Women of valor for Adonai and his Tora!

Question 2. You were created as a woman to be a ‘woman of valor’ or an ‘eshet chayil’.
How does this knowledge influence your life as a woman?

“I have served my family.” We all want to be able to say that! We are searching for the balance between serving the family and our own interest. We want by all means to keep developing ourselves! We need empowerment and support from each other. We know it is all right to delegate the jobs in the house. But this turns out to generate feelings of guilt, especially in women who have been treated slavishly in the past. They want to compensate by allowing their children a lot of time to play.
Also, husband and children are not always doing things right or the way we want. We want to act lovingly and friendly indeed. And when we succeed, it is good. Think about the future! When our sons help their wives who have just given birth!
We want to stand beside our husbands. For instance, in their motivation to attent worship. Not all men are happy with our support, but sometimes we are not saying it the right way. Man and woman should adapt to one another. We can trust the fact that G’d himself brings man and woman together!
A healthy balance between man and woman is indispensable.  We are continuously searching for the balance.What an effort of these women! How worthwhile is the contribution they make to education and marriage! In love for Adonai!