Mina’s Erev Shabbat

I hear my own voice say: Baruch Ata Adonai, Eloheinu, Melech haolam …..
How during this busy week have I looked forward to Erev Shabbat with its gifts of silence, rest and beauty!

My thoughts move back into history, His story. To God’s efforts of gaining a people of His own. How He started with the calling of Avraham and made him move to the land. How He watched over this family and made her grow as He promised, into a people of one/two millions, which He rescued from abroad by having them move again to His land and live in it.

Through the many centuries to come God kept and guarded His people and made the Beloved One come for the sake of all mankind: Yeshua, Ha Mashiach.

I rejoiced lighting the two candles and saying the blessing.

Leen, my husband, continues making Kiddush. When he removes the white cloth and uncovers the challot I realize how surprised and grateful the women of Israel must have been! Mah zeh? They tasted, mmmm as sweet as honey! and went joyfully at work!Consciously I chew my  little piece of bread… and I remember Yeshua’s words: I am the living bread. If anyone eats this bread, he will live forever.Thank you for letting me in, Yeshua! Thank you for having me join your own unique treasure Israel! The salty flavour adds the affirmation.
Shabbat shalom!