Chanukah: Feast of Light

Chanukah: Feast of Light

Since the creation of the world G-d has cared for us and brought us light.
He spoke and there was light. Gen.1:3 He called the light: good. He separated light and darkness. Gen.1:4.
Light that is good is a guide for people to return back to their Creator. For this mission He created his own people: Israel. The nations did not want this difficult task. We learn this from the story of Noah where G-d had to judge his creation when godlessness was so bad and obvious that it was destroying life that G-d had made.

Avraham, Yitschak and Jacov
 After Noah we see that G-d chooses Avraham to start with him and his sons Yitzchak and Jacob as the seed through whom He will bring redemption to humankind. The Menorah in the holy Temple is the symbol of the eternal light that only haShem can give. The light shines at the twelve showbreads that are a symbol of the twelve tribes of Israel. De Menorah is of pure gold: a symbol of the Kingship of Adonai.

The miracle of Chanukah
During Chanukah we celebrate the light of G-d and the miracle that occurred with the light in the holy Temple in Jerusalem. During this very terrible period where a hateful dictator with the name Antiochus Epiphanes, had murdered, tortured and killed many Jews, because he wanted them to disobey haShem and Torah, very courageous Jewish men had fought this rebellious dictator and they had been able with enormous suffering and losses, to chase away these heathen god-haters.
These men gave their lives, but persevered and won this terrible battle. After the Temple had been cleansed and repaired they found a bottle with pure oil that was only enough for one day. The miracle is that the light kept burning for 8 days. Just the time needed to cleanse the Temple in order to rededicate her after the 8 days. HaShem gave them assurance of His Presence and love. He comforted them and showed them that they are His children and that He cares for them. The people showed their obedience to their G-d and He answered them with the miracle of the light. 

The example of the Maccabees
The Maccabees practiced the text from Psalms 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the defense of my life; whom shall I dread?”
The Maccabees fought for the light of the Lord, our G-d, blessed be His Name forever and ever. The Maccabees did not allow the light in the Temple in Jerusalem to be diminished. They knew the sound of the Shofar and they knew the light. Psalm 89:15 “How blessed are the people that know the joyful sound! O, Lord they walk in the light of Your countenance.”
When Messiah Yeshua came as a man to pay the price for our sins He said: "..I am the light of the world; he who follows me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life."
Messiah fought for Israel and the Maccabees won because they followed Messiah and received eternal life in the Olam haba. Life eternal cannot be destroyed, for it is life in the G-d of Israel, life for ever and ever.
We are women who are going to prepare our homes and congregations to celebrate Chanukah together and receive comfort from the past of these heroes, the Maccabees. Who did not give in to the evil inclinations (yetser hara) of human beings that will always hate G-d and those who love Him.

 Happy Chanukah! Chag sameach!