Cocos-balls from India

Kelepon for Succot
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The meals during Succot, Feast of Tabernacles consist of many fruits and vegetables. In the Sefardic kitchen one uses also many spices. Kelepon are small cocos-balls filled with gula djawa (sugar from palmtrees). This is a sweet delicatess from the Indian kitchen for Succot. Take a small ball in one bite and there is a great sensation when one tastes this.

Succot is one of the most beautiful Feasts and by building a succa everybody can recognize this Feast. In Israel of course we enjoy seeing all over the country the succot. In the galut, outsideIsrael, we are happy to see succot for we then are glad that Jewish people keep the commandments and are an example for the people around them. Every succa points to the God of Israel.

Succot is a Feast to celebrate and be joyful. To eat delicious food & be happy in our succa with friends and family, and congregational-members. It’s good to invite people we do not really know (yet), and to tell them about the goodness of God.

Kelepon (cocos balls)


For an amount of about 70 little balls you need:
500 grams of 3 ½ cups of rice-meal
250 grams of 1 ½ cups of djawa (palmsugar)
250 grams ground coconut
Tsp salt
450 ml water

Mix the meal and salt and add the water while mixing. Make a dough. Form little balls of a bit smaller than one inch. Make small pieces of the djawa (palmsugar) and fill each ball with a little piece of the sugar by first making a little hole in the balls. Afterwards make nice round balls, closing them very thoroughly. Prepare a pan with boiling water, filling it half and put the balls in the boiling water. If the balls come to the surface of the water take them out of the water and roll them through the coconut. You can serve these balls with coffee or tea in the succah or in between a meal.