Pesach: opportunity for freedom

Pesach: opportunity for freedom of humankind
by Elze Erwteman

Pesach is a very special feast. We are looking forward to celebrate Pesach and are preparing ourselves for it. Not only do we remove all the leaven from our house, but we are rejoicing in this time about the privilege to experience in our soul the protection of the Pesach lamb, the sacrifice that was needed to save Israel from the judgements that were executed on Egypt.
The protection that the Lord gave because of the obedience of Israel was to bring the people out of Egypt and led them towards mount Sinai where the people were given the Torah, the marriage-contract of the people of Israel and the God of Israel, Adonai.
Here the Lord was trusting His people to receive the road back to Paradise or eternal life. A reconciliation possibility to humankind through the people of God, for salvation is through Israel.

The Seider can be a deep emotionel experience. All  judgments that Egypt experienced and all the great miracles that happened to the people of Israel while they were led out of the land of oppression we can relate in a certain way, before we took steps of obedience to be reconciled to God. Pharao was warned through Moses, but he did not want to obey the Lord God. Pharao himself felt and was  like a god and he did not want to share his position with a god he did not respect, but was indeed the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
The soul of Pharao was not open to the revelation of a loving God, even when Pharao was warned that if he did not listen, all the firstborn would die.

Pharao had no excuse to harden his heart. But, his own will was rebelling against the Creator of his own  soul. Everybody who keeps on rebelling against the Creator of his own soul brings him or herself in a dangerous situation. Still it seems that all people get new chances to make right decisions. Our God is full of love, kindness and patience, forgiving, and full of mercy.
But Pharao was so full of selfrighteousness and delight in himself, that he was not able to see the God that created Him. Pharao was the head of his people and because of the disobedience of the Pharao the people that he was leading had to suffer tremendously.

Because of the suffering of the Egyptian people we do not rejoice over the judgments of God that came over them  On the contrary during the Pesach-seider we have to take from our second cup of wine, which is called: cup of the plagues,  some of the wine by dipping our small finger in the wine and shaking it of on a napkin. We know that we ourselves have been and are disobedient to God. We have the opportunity to make it right every time we blue it by means of repenting and growing into a more obedient lifestyle. The blood of the Pesach lamb made this all possible in the time of the Exodus and now for us after Yeshua was revealed and died as the Pesach lamb for us. Blessed be His Name for ever and ever.

Happy Pesach!
Pesach kasher!