The shofar in 1967


The fact that Jerusalem came back into the hands of the Jewish people during the Six Day War in 1967 was after 2000 years a great miracle. When you visit Jerusalem I recommend you going to the place where the paratroopers fought and won the battle with great courage and commitment in 1967. This place, which is called ‘Ammunition Hill’ in English, is situated in the north of Jerusalem. On June 5th 1967 the command came to capture this fortress on a hill. The paratroopers were called up the night before and were summoned to report immediately. They were young, in their early twenties. Some were already married and had small children.

Within them there was a great compassion and zeal for the city of Jerusalem. Their hearts were, though scared, full of courage and power to win back their beloved city and to defeat the Arabian army. At that time Ammunition Hill was a fortress of the Jordanian army, housing weapons, men and horses. On the hill was also a bunker with 40 cm thick walls.

In the mountain were trenches in which the soldiers could take cover and from wich they could fire and throw hand-grenades. That morning on the 6 th of June 150 Israeli paratroopers fought man to man. The Israeli soldiers had written their farewell letters to their loved ones in the bus on their way to the battle field. You can read them in the museum, which is very moving and touching.

They suppressed their fears and were empowered by Adonai Himself. On Ammunition Hill there were 150 soldiers of the Jordanian army, whereas the Israeli army leaders expected only 50. The battle was a bloody one. There were heroic situations in which some soldiers protected their wounded fellows with their bodies. On the Israeli side 36 soldiers were killed and 90 were wounded. On the Arabian side 71 men were killed.

On the 7th of June this victory led to the liberation of the Old City: Har habayit beyadaynu: the Temple Mount is in our hands! Ammunition Hill was the price paid for the Kotel. We know the moving scenes of the return to the Kotel. We have heard the sound of the Shofar on the tape recordings of this incredible day. May we recognize that call, the call of the Lord towards our very own souls, also this year when the Shofar will sound on Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets. May the (com)passion of the soldiers of Israel be an inspiration to all of us.

The Lord is saving Israel and all who join Israel.
Shanah Tovah!