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Baby blanket

Some time ago we learned that a congregation in Jerusalem made blankets when a baby was born in the congregation. From that moment, about 5 years ago, we started to do this tradition in our congregation also with great joy. A blanket is made for every newborn baby. I have taken on this project to...
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Bedouin embroidery in Israel

The Center for Bedouin Embroidery, “Tatreez Al-Badiah”, is situated in the village of Laqiya located in the Northern Negev between Lahavim, and Tel Shoqet, on route 31, Israel.The goal of the Bedouin Embroidery Project is to remove Bedouin women from the cycle of unemployment and to promote their economic and social status.The Project operates a...
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Dalia Rosenfeld

My name is Dalia Rosenfeld and I live in a small town near Tiberias, in the Galilee of Israel. I came to know the Lord in 1982, and since then I have been developing my skills as an artist, mostly doing illustrated bible scripture. I have exhibited my work in Israel where it has been...
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Jewish Yemenite embroidery

  Yemenite wedding I was about 9 years old when I remember my father taking me along to see a Yemenite Jewish wedding. (My father was a percussionist playing in a small band that played at weddings). My first impression when I saw the bride was astonishment as she was so beautiful. Her dress was...
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