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Faith and daily life, 2: 50 and beyond

50 plus Intro: We came to know Messiah Yeshua  and also the Torah. Question 1: What was the impact from this in your daily life? This resulted for many of us in discovering and experiencing the topical value of the Torah. So they started to keep and observe the Sabbath and this led to more...
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Faith and daily life, 1. being single

  In a group of singles two questions were discussed: 1. What effect does keeping Torah have on your everyday life? Keeping Torah makes us more steadfast in our points of view and adds more structure to our lives. It provides a clear framework. It made us start celebrating the Shabbat. Celebrating Shabbat has been...
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Kashering meat

  After slaughter all the blood has to be removed. This is very important. For us is blood a symbol of life and in the Torah is written that it is prohibited to eat this: “Therefore I have said to the Children of Israel: Any person from among you may not consume blood; and the...
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The joy of shabbat

How it encouraged me to enjoy Sometimes I encounter difficulties enjoying things. My grandfather used to joke with me saying: “she cannot sit quietly in a chair for five minutes”. I am a busy person and I always feel I need to do something in order to feel satisfied and sometimes even to feel happy....
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Lilian’s Erev Shabbat

  “Mommy, can I blow?”, Sarah asks, looking at me as sweetly as she can. Nain, kippa on his head, is already sitting next to Nathan, Nienke and Noah, who have all been helping me preparing everything we need for making Shabbat. Sarah blows…wide at first. Nathan and Nain can’t help laughing: it is such...
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Mina’s Erev Shabbat

I hear my own voice say: Baruch Ata Adonai, Eloheinu, Melech haolam ….. How during this busy week have I looked forward to Erev Shabbat with its gifts of silence, rest and beauty! My thoughts move back into history, His story. To God’s efforts of gaining a people of His own. How He started with...
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