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Manage or dominate

Matters coming together too long too much and too carelessly we are running along a descending path We exhaust everything without wanting to know driven greed is destroying your earth We do not manage we dominate subjecting human and animal to the desire to being equal to G-d everything is gasping for air You are...
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Esjet Chayil reaches out her hands to the poor!

In Proverbs 31:20 we read of the “strong woman or Eshet Chayil: “She stretches out her hand to the wretched, stretches out her hands to the needy.” Hand here is the Hebrew word Chaf (כף) meaning sole of the foot and hand. Expanding, is from the Hebrew word, paras. (פרש). It also means communicating, expanding,...
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Fashion in the light of COVID-19

Every day I help fashion companies to become more sustainable, from strategy to process implementation with my company Rethink Rebels. Wanting to be sustainable an acting accordingly is not yet in sync for most companies. Especially not in the crisis that we are all in now. I would like to explain what exactly is wrong...
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Another dangerous infection with world wide impact

Global trade and human rights violations Global open trade, which has brought us much prosperity and which would not be a moral reason why it would be wrong, does go wrong when there are treaties that are unjust. The treaties concluded with this international trade then determine how the lines of trade will go. People...
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Watch out for this conspiracy theory regarding Covid-19!

Danger for Jews Brian Schrauger writes in his article “Covid-19 and the Jews: Today’s Black Plague” in “The Jerusalem Report” of April 20 about the emergence of theories of the cause of the corona virus and the world’s crisis today. In a March 21 television interview, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We are probably in the...
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Heroism during Corona Crisis

Where does the coronavirus come from? The virus is suspected to have been transmitted by an intermediate host before it reached humans. Scientists think the host was a pangolin, a termite eater that came in contact with a bat’s feces. The pangolin is a delicacy in the land of China and this is possible in...
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