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The keys to the Zion Gate

Ben Gurion was the Prime Minister of Israel. An incredible man who founded the State of Israel while facing the most impossible decisions. Just think of the fact that the English, who had the power and goverment until the establishment of the State of Israel, worked against it in many ways, with some exceptions. Puah...
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Esther saves her people

The Dutch theologian Abraham Kuyper describes Esther as a girl and according to his interpretation she should not have taken part in the beauty contest which meant that she could become the Queen of the Persian Empire. He believes that Esther because of this, has violated the seventh commandment: Thou shall not commit adultery. He...
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Esther, a strong woman

  The word of G-d is full of laws and regulations. “Honor your father and your mother” is even one of the Ten Words, that Moshe (Moses) received from G-d to give to the people of Israel. The Lord said that you have to honor your parents: “….in order that you should live longer in...
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The role of Esther

  This month we celebrate Purim. It seems that every year it becomes more important in our days to celebrate Purim. The stress and pressure that Israel must endure is growing every day. From three sides is the pressure coming: from Syria at the northern border, where Hezbollah is a tool to threat. From Gaza...
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