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Weekly studies on YouTube channel Beth Yeshua Amsterdam

  Watch here live each Shabbat at 4 p.m. for our Bible studies in English. On our own YouTube channel: Beth Yeshua Amsterdam. Click here for the weekly Bible readings texts (used in our live stream studies). Choose to subscribe and thumbs up! Pay attention: there are different channels with names like ours. We are:...
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Introducing the G-d of the Bible

A very interesting Jewish scholar is the historian Dennis Prager who has written a book in which he also analyzes the Torah in a rational way. (see below). Moshe Dann writes about this book in the Jerusalem Post of June 10, 2019 citing Prager: “The God introduced in the Torah is the first God in...
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Ritual baths with olive presses and wine presses

In the land of Israel 700 ritual baths have been discovered to date. In an article in the Jerusalem Post by Yonatan Adler is this written. Most ritual baths, in Hebrew: mikvaot, are from the time of the Second Temple period. These mikvaot are located in different places: in residences, alongside synagogues, cemeteries and in...
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Woman of Valor, the Hebrew meaning

By Elze Erwteman A woman of valor: a woman of strength It is a Jewish tradition to read or sing at the beginning of Erev shabbat, Friday night Proverbs 31:10-31. Husbands sing it to their wives to honor them for making the house a home. For me this verse is a great tool for women...
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