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Esther saves her people

The Dutch theologian Abraham Kuyper describes Esther as a girl and according to his interpretation she should not have taken part in the beauty contest which meant that she could become the Queen of the Persian Empire. He believes that Esther because of this, has violated the seventh commandment: Thou shall not commit adultery. He...
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Selma Engel survivor of Sobibor: never forget her story!

Born Saartje Wijnberg in 1922, Selma (she changed her name in 1957 when she moved to the United States) grew up with her three brothers in the Dutch town of Zwolle, where her parents Samuel and Alida had built up and owned a successful kosher hotel. Selma later recalled her childhood as idyllic: her family...
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Hiding in the Lord and learning to persevere

How can we learn to take shelter in the Lord and what is the connection with perseverance? The letter to Hebrews 10:36 states that we need perseverance: “For you need perseverance, to do the will of G’d, to obtain that which is promised.” The Eternal wants us to do His will and thereby we must...
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Rugelach, recipe for rolled cookies with a sweet filling

This delicacy probably came with the Sephardic community, via Poland from the Middle East to Europe. Also in America is it a well-known cookie. The mother of my Polish student knows this pastry-like cookie as “Rogalik”. In Yiddish Rugelach means “hornshaped”. In some books is written that Rugelach belongs to Hanukkah. The horn points often...
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