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Israel 70 years!

For now and forever! ! לעת עתה ולנצח נצחים Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary as an official State, approved and confirmed at the time by the United Nations. See here, including the statement by Theodor Herzl and the Balfour Declaration, which has been in existence for 100 years since November 2017. For a brief history...
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Cultural Zionism against anti-Semitism

Cultural Zionism against anti-Semitism by Elze Erwteman The Simon Wiesenthal center recently offered ex-president Obama a copy of a letter signed by Adolf Hitler in 1919 and known as “The Hitler Letter”. In this he stated his hatred of the Jews and his plans for the total “removal of the Jews” from the face of...
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Baby blanket

Some time ago we learned that a congregation in Jerusalem made blankets when a baby was born in the congregation. From that moment, about 5 years ago, we started to do this tradition in our congregation also with great joy. A blanket is made for every newborn baby. I have taken on this project to...
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Motherhood for married and unmarried

Becoming a mother Becoming a mother is an incredible experience. I remember when I was pregnant. I can only prescribe it as an almost mystical experience. New life being created in my own body. In that time I believed that God had created me and that He loved me. I did not know His rules...
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