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Weekly studies on YouTube channel Beth Yeshua Amsterdam

  Watch here for the next study. Live each Shabbat at 2 p.m. our Bible studies in Dutch subtitled. On our own YouTube channel: Beth Yeshua Amsterdam. Click here for the weekly Bible readings texts (used in our live stream studies). Choose to subscribe and thumbs up! Pay attention: there are different channels with names...
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Ruth, a woman of valor

During Shavuot the book of Ruth is read Ruth is the only woman who is called a: woman of valor. The only place where we find the more specific characteristics of a woman of valor is in Proverbs 31:10-31. This beautiful song is read or sang on erev Shabbat, that is Friday evening when the...
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Esjet Chayil reaches out her hands to the poor!

In Proverbs 31:20 we read of the “strong woman or Eshet Chayil: “She stretches out her hand to the wretched, stretches out her hands to the needy.” Hand here is the Hebrew word Chaf (כף) meaning sole of the foot and hand. Expanding, is from the Hebrew word, paras. (פרש). It also means communicating, expanding,...
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Four blood red moons and Sukkot

By Sonja Haisma For some time there is talk on YouTubefilms about the next four total lunar eclipses , which look like blood red moons. They occur  at dates of some  Biblical Jewish High Holydays: Passover and Sukkot (Tabernacles).The last one, a total eclipse, occurred on July 22 of this year 2018. Also in 2015...
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Pesach – to come closer to the Lord

Space to think The month of Niesan 5779 is the month in which we celebrate Passover and remove chamets from our homes in advance. Chamets, sourdough, is spiritually the symbol of our puffiness and sins: all things that keep us from a healthy, reconciled relationship with the Eternal. Passover teaches us that there is no...
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Date Pastry for Pesach

In memory of Meytie who made this recipe and loved the Feast of HaShem so much! Ingredients: 200 g matzo meal 200 g ground hazelnuts 200 g ground walnuts 200 cc ( 1 cup ) honey 300 g white sugar 500 g chopped dates 10 tablespoons corn oil 8 (maize) eggs (check for blood) pinch...
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