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In this time of pandemic life is tough for the people of the world. Families, the elderly, singles, refugees, people who have corona and are seriously ill, the people in care, in short, all of humanity suffers from this. In addition, we know that the governments of Europe are failing in their policy towards refugees...
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Shalom in the Fall of 2020

AUTUMN 2020 Shalom! Register here for our free newsletter! now read in 28 countries     This is a most unusual time when we are approaching the High Holidays: Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot with rules to prevent contamination with the coronavirus. All countries in the world are affected by the virus. Despite this...
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Introducing the G-d of Torah

by Elze Erwteman A very interesting Jewish scholar is the historian Dennis Prager who has written a book in which he also analyzes the Torah in a rational way. (see below). Moshe Dann writes about this book in the Jerusalem Post of June 10, 2019 citing Prager: “The God introduced into the Torah is the...
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Biblical Psychotherapy

Scholars who use Torah without being religious can come to surprising insights. The famous Jewish neurologist Sigmund Freud, for example, often used Biblical insights in his psychotherapy and he particularly liked the person of Biblical Joseph. Freud considered religion as a danger to the personality that could lead to neuroses. In the Jerusalem Post of...
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Feast of Weeks

Heavenly present In a short, intensivce course of 50 days Israel got prepared in order to receive a heavenly present. Those 50 days started with the exodus from Egypt. A literally killing life of slavery and the ten great kicks (plagues) with which the Lord delivered Israel made a heavy impression, both on us and...
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