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Recipe for round sweet challah on Rosh Hashanah [archive]

The round loaf with ‘no beginning and no end’ symbolizes continuity of life. This challah is baked for Rosh HaShanah, the first and most important New Moon feast at the beginning of the Jewish calendar. We wish each other Shana Tovah, means “A good year”. The sweetness symbolizes the goodness that we receive from our...
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Growing bean sprouts

My mother has always been growing ​​bean sprouts, delicious and healthy. Mung beans or katjang (beans / peanuts) idju (green) are used for growing sprouts. They contain proteins and vitamins B and C. You can buy Mung beans and sometimes they are available organic. You can also cook the peas and you will find the...
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Hamantashen for Purim

  Ingredients    500 gr. Flour 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablesp. olive- or sunflower oil 4 tablesp. water 5 eggs Sunflower oil to fry in Powdered sugar to sprinkle You can eat them also with honey. Preparation Combine all ingredients to form smooth dough and divide the dough in six round balls. Pack the balls...
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Cocos-balls from India

Kelepon for Succot Read the article “In memory of Meytie” The meals during Succot, Feast of Tabernacles consist of many fruits and vegetables. In the Sefardic kitchen one uses also many spices. Kelepon are small cocos-balls filled with gula djawa (sugar from palmtrees). This is a sweet delicatess from the Indian kitchen for Succot. Take...
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Cleaning our Hanukiah

Cleaning our Hanukiah I live with my husband Ab and four children in Holland. Our children are in the ages ranging from 11-17. We all know how busy we as women can be with the preparations for an anniversary, like me the last time for my husband. I want to have everything neat and clean. Armed with...
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House becomes Home

  Growing up As a woman to feel the load of taking care of your own home is something that awakes you from being a girl towards becoming a woman. For me it was a pure shock and when I asked my mother once about this when I was still a child, she answered me:...
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