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Food and slavery

Paying attention to food laws Every day we pay attention to the food laws from Leviticus 11. Many of us have discovered the joy of being dedicated to God and His perfect laws for life and we do not feel a burden to apply these laws in our lives. On the contrary. And still living...
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FGM in Egypt

FGM in Egypt now forbidden by law. After a difficult time of struggles and debate a law was passed in the Parliament of Egypt that forbids legally FGM. (May 2008) However if there is a medical reason to do FGM it can be done and this way is being used in order to get FGM...
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Mutilated for Life

  Recently I read a book about female genital mutilation (FGM) written by Waris Dirie, Somali model and victim of FGM. We should know that young girls undergo mostly always without anaesthesia a procedure that is torture and effecting the rest of their life. Pain, depression and not being able to love as she was...
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Humanity in danger

Using our time on earth wisely Our lives that we have received from our Creator are in fact incredible precious. In Jewish tradition life is considered a gift and life has to be sanctified by keeping the rules and regulations that God has given in His Word. Freedom to live within the borders God has...
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