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Yeshi persevered

Amsterdam, April 14 2010. Dear Yeshi, Three years have gone by. At that time we met in a hopeless situation. Many things have changed since. How well did you manage Yeshi! For your heavily disabled youngest brother Theodros (31) you have built a house. He lives on his own now and with his kiosk shop he can...
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Yeshua Chai

Interview Brian Slater with Elze Erwteman Brian Slater is a believer in Israel and lives with his wife and four children in Israel. Last year in the summer Brian Slater was in India with a medical team. The medical team was able to do an incredible amount of medical treatment of patients. They also brought the...
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Theodros has a house

Leen Dubbelaar travelled to Ethiopia to see Yeshi and Theodros (Teddy) and the project of JNEF in Allamata. Mina Dubbelaar wrote his report. It rained when the plane had landed in Addis Ababa, as might be expected, because it was the rainy season. A taxi drove us to the end of the newly paved highway,...
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Yeshi building a house

Continuation from: Yeshi building her family Yeshi has worked hard. The great concern she feels for her heavily disabled brother Teddy continues. It kept echoing: “We do not want our brother Teddy to have that kind of life (that means sitting by the roadside in order to beg for alms, WOV). Instead we want him...
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Yeshi building her family

A woman of valor in Ethiopia Yeshi is a woman who lives in Ethiopia under very poor conditions. Her husband abandoned her and left for an undisclosed location by himself, to fill his own belly, while she remains behind with their three children, without any income. Woman of Valor (WOV) interviewed Yeshi and asked her about...
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