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My pregnancy

The prayer from the Women’s Siddur for a mother to be calls for strength while carrying the baby, giving birth and for protection of mother and child during pregnancy and childbirth. It also expresses the hope that the child will walk G’ds paths and shows the desire of the praying mother that the baby will...
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Being a Grandmother

We returned to Israel in July of 2007 after living in the United States for ten years. We had previously lived in Israel >fr 1979-1997. My husband and I had met in Israel in 1979 and both of our children were born in Israel. One of our main reasons for returning to Israel is that...
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Mother of four

Since I have been a mother , and now a mother of four teen-agers, I have been encouraged and strengthened by certain principles that I have found in God’s word. The first principle is: GOD HAS CREATED YOUR CHILDREN FOR HIS PURPOSES. We live in Israel and, as many of you know, the pressures are...
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Motherhood for married and unmarried

Becoming a mother Becoming a mother is an incredible experience. I remember when I was pregnant. I can only prescribe it as an almost mystical experience. New life being created in my own body. In that time I believed that God had created me and that He loved me. I did not know His rules...
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