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Herbal medicine and the Bible

The Bible provides food for body and soul, including herbal knowledge. Already in Genesis G-d speaks about everything that He had created and He saw that it was good. Everything was present in Gan Eden, so to speak, to make people be and remain in a good health. When the time of Noah arrived, the...
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Skincare in the Bible

By Recia Bruggeman Biblical background In the time of the Bible, people also knew how to use God’s herbal and fragrant gifts in nature for beauty care. People already used fragrant oils as body oils for skincare. They rubbed fragrant olive oils on their skin for skincare uses, to nourish dry skin, to prevent the...
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Natural deodorant

by Lianne Groothedde Sometimes you find an incredibly easy recipe for a care product, that works even better than the industrial version of it. This natural deodorant is an example of that. And it doesn’t only work better, it’s also a lot cheaper and it’s healthier for your body and the environment. I’m talking about...
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