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A strong woman in the Israeli government

Because Russia is a very rich country because of its oil and gas in the soil it can manipulate and bend the world when ruled by the wrong people. The Kremlin is a power that manipulates the entire people. A power that manipulates its people and subjects them to the system maintained by criminal people....
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Room for dissidents

Awesome Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur and the days in between are called “Yamim Noraim” and it means “Awesome days”. Also called the “Days of Conversion”, in Hebrew: “Ashereth Yemee Teshuvah”. This period of: Rosh HaShanah, the days in between and then the closing with Yom Kippur. Rosh HaShanah is seen in the Bible as...
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New ethics for the world: vision from Israel

Mirror Haviva Pedaya is a professor at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev where she heads the Elyachar Center for Sephardic Studies. Her interview with the Jerusalem Report of June 8, 2020 is interesting because she sheds light on the corona crisis from her knowledge as a scientist. It plays an important role in Israel today....
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Herbal medicine and the Bible

The Bible provides food for body and soul, including herbal knowledge. Already in Genesis G-d speaks about everything that He had created and He saw that it was good. Everything was present in Gan Eden, so to speak, to make people be and remain in a good health. When the time of Noah arrived, the...
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Cultivating and taking care of the earth

Cultivating and taking care of the earth by Lianne Groothedde Sustainability is becoming a hot topic. It’s practicised in nearly every field you can think of, like construction, technology, agriculture and energy. At the same time there is an increasing demand for produce. The world’s population is still growing, which leads to a higher need...
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