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Women in the army of Israel

Women in the Army of Israel When you walk in the northern neighborhood of Jerusalem, Pizgat Ze’ev, you can see an Arab village named: Hizme. The Arab village is about 5 km from Ramallah, the Capital of the Palestinian Authority. (PA). It is located about 7 km from the old town of Jerusalem. Since the...
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New ethics for the world: vision from Israel

Mirror Haviva Pedaya is a professor at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev where she heads the Elyachar Center for Sephardic Studies. Her interview with the Jerusalem Report of June 8, 2020 is interesting because she sheds light on the corona crisis from her knowledge as a scientist. It plays an important role in Israel today....
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Nurse since 1970

My life by Martha Voet Let me introduce myself. My name is Martha Voet. I am 56 years old and single. I was raised in a Protestant religious family. However, about 38 years ago, during my training to become a nurse, I came to faith personally. Since then I know that Yeshua has died for...
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I am a medical doctor

  Introduction Last year I wrote a story about my struggle to become a doctor, about identity. Reading this again I see how I have grown in my profession. Still, I like to share it with you, because of the search. I still wonder how other women take their place in society, in what they...
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