Bo’u lefanav

The choreography of this dance has been developed by Elze Erwteman. She introduced and organized Davidic dancing in Beth-Yeshua Amsterdam, Holland.
The title of the song is “Bo’u Lefanav” written by Ruth Azuz from Psalm 100: 2-4. The song has two verses and one chorus Laj, laj, laj… In Hebrew we sing:
Bo’u  lefanaw birnana; de’u kie Adonai hu Elohiem.
Hu asanu welo anachnu; amo wetson mar’ieto. Laj, laj, laj….
Bo’u  sje’araw betoda; chatsrotaw bitehiela.
Hu  asanu welo anachnu; amo wetson mar’ieto. Laj, laj, laj….The choreography of this dance is developed by Elze Erwteman, who founded the Davidic Dance ministry in Beth-Yeshua AmsterdamSpeed             Medium                      Abbreviations:
Rhythm        2/4 / 4/4                    CCW    Counter Clockwise
Formation   Cirlce                     CW     Clock Wise
Direction     CCW                     FWD    Forward
Level             Beginner                BWD   Backward
OTS     On The Spot

Counts     Part A     couplet
1 – 4         HH, CCW step with R and hop, step with L and hop –  pivot on ball of L
5 – 8         Still moving CCW , step BWD with R and hop, step BWD with L and hop
1 – 4         Face centre: R hop, L hop into centre of  circle
5 – 8         R hop L hop BWD out of centre of circle
Repeat Part A

Counts     Part B        chorus Laj, laj, laj
1 – 4         HH, Yemenite R, on fourth count pivot on ball of R to R side
5 – 8         CCW Step together step step with Left foot leading.
Repeat Part B (3 times)

Verbal Cueing
Counts     Part A
1 – 4         Front – hop – Front – hop
5 – 8         Back- Hop – Back – Hop
1 – 4         Step – Hop – Step – Hop
5 – 8         Back – Hop – Back – Hop

Counts     Part B
1 – 4         Right – Behind – Forward – Pivot
5 – 8         Step – together – Step – together
Repeat Part B (3 times)