Yismach Yisrael

This song Yismach Yisrael  is to be found in our music book Hoej’dot nr. 246. Also in Zimrat Ha’arets nr. 47. The song is composed by Elisheva Shomron ©1982.

Speed        Medium       Abbreviations:
Rhythm      4/4               CW    Clockwise
Formation  Cirlce           CCW    CounterClockWise
Direction    CW             NHH   No Holding Hands
Level          Advanced    HH    Holding Hands
OTS    On The Spot
FWD   Forward
BWD   BackwardCounts    Part A
1 – 4        Mayim to the right (CCW) Start L over R in front
5 – 8         Face CCW step-hop on L (cnt 1-2) step-hop on R (cnt 3-4)
repeat 1 – 8 three more timesCounts    Part B    NHH
1 – 4    Harmonica to the right: start left. L crosses in front of R, placing weight on L R steps in place. L steps to left side, joining R. Hop on L, raising R slightly off the ground
Clap hands on count 1
5 – 8     Harmonica to the left. Reverse of above. R crosses in front of L, placing weight on R. L steps in place. R steps to the right side, joining L. Hop on R, raising L slightly off the ground
Clap hands on count. 5
1 – 4         Harmonica  to the right
5 – 8         Face CW step-hop on R (count 1-2), step-hop on L (count 3-4)
Repeat 1 – 16