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Our Father in heaven created all the children of men and He wants them to walk in truth. The word ‘true’ means: essentially: to really be like that, not false, but real. In this day and age we see more and more confusion, with true being turned into false and false being turned into true. It could be that this is the influence of groups that think you can twist true to false, when that brings advantage and thus you can achieve your goals. A dangerous situation that is shaking our western civilization quite a bit.

When mankind had evolved to the point where it was able to know the true G-d, the Eternal created a people for Himself. It started with Abraham and so through Moses the people of Israel; and now Israel and those who join with G-d’s people. Messiah Yeshua was revealed 2,000 years ago and His sacrifice has saved Israel both backwards and forwards.

Everyone can have the tools to know how things really work. Israel is the caretaker for all mankind to teach the Torah, under the guidance of Messiah Yeshua, who goes before us, “But we know that the Son of Gd has come and has given us understanding to know the One who is true.. .” (1 John 5:20).

Women play a fundamental role in teaching about this true G-d, in knowledge and conduct. Teaching children and adults by women is often different from education by men. We need each other in this and complement each other. There is a mission for women to be an example and a pillar of education in this important role. Take the challenge.

Heartfelt greetings,