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The digital Jerusalem Post of February 7, 2024 contains an opinion piece by Asaf Pozniak about the hostages still held in Gaza. He writes: “It has now been four months since my life on October 7, 2023 and the lives of many other Israeli residents completely changed. My relatives Hodaya and Taïr were reported missing from the Nova music festival in Re’im.

We did everything we could to save them. Together with other partners, we have created the “Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum”. Desperate as we were, we wanted to see them come home. Six days after October 7, we learned that the bodies of Hodaya and Taïr had been found in the Be’eri Forest after they had been murdered and burned.

I lost my family, but gained a new one: the families of the hostages for whom I would do anything to free their loved ones. Without the return of the hostages, no Israeli citizen will be safe. Releasing murderers with blood on their hands comes as a very high price. Perhaps among the released murderers are those who killed my family at Be’eri.

This thought bothers me. But my concern for the hostages who suffer physical, sexual and mental abuse on a daily basis is greater. Releasing terrorists is a high price, but allowing hostages to remain in these terrible conditions is a higher price: the price of betrayal and loss of trust.”

Israel is deeply wounded by this situation. The people stand behind their army and the fight that is unfortunately necessary and the precious lives that this fight costs. In recent weeks, another €4,000 has been received into our JNEF. And on Tuesday, February 6, these amounts were transferred for aid to IDF and Reserve Troops and for Netivyah’s Motzi Program.

We have now been able to transfer a total of €33,000 for help to the soldiers. By purchasing better equipment such as helmets, bulletproof vests, warm jackets, shoes, etc., lives of soldiers have been saved. Meals have been provided and we heard that 20 families have cooked for the 120 soldiers in a particular army unit for Saturday every week.

So special to work together like this. There is no more beautiful nation than Israel and unfortunately this is completely ignored by the world. Only those who have come to know the Light can see it. Please pray for the return of the hostages in Gaza and comfort and courage for them and their families.

For wisdom for the leaders of Israel’s army and government.  Please pray for the Netherlands and the world that the scales fall from our eyes for the right of Israel and the horrible anti-Semitism. Thanks for Adonai’s help and support and love for those who are sick and weak.


Heartfelt greetings,