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FALL 2023



The biblical Fall Feasts have begun. With Rosh Hashanah as the first one, the Feast of the Sound of the Shofar, Yom Terua. Followed by Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement which helps us to further reconcile with our relationships and with Adonai himself. Finally comes Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, when you place your vulnerability safely in the hands of Adonai. These three feasts are gateways to the throne room of the Eternal. You have the invitation to have extra intense contact with your Abba In Heaven. Read the articles on our website about these parties. Shanah tovah, a good New Year for 5784!

The City of David is the largest working site for archaeologists in Jerusalem. Work is underway to uncover the Pool of Siloam (Shiloach in Hebrew), located at the bottom of the hill in this City of David. From this pond runs the Way of the Pilgrims, which once led to Herod’s Temple at the top of the hill. This road was originally built by King Chiskiahu (Hezekiah) some 2,700 years ago. Two thousand years ago, millions of pilgrims walked up this path to the Temple during the three Ascension Festivals, namely Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot.

They sang spiritual songs during their journey and made purchases along the way that they needed for the feasts and the sacrifices for the Temple. It is special to walk this pilgrimage route yourself. A precious experience for me. John 9:1-14 records the healing of one who was born blind. Yeshua spits on the ground and with the dust he makes a paste, which he smears on the eyes of the man born blind.

In verse 7, Yeshua tells this man, “Go on your way. Wash in the bathwater of Shiloach. He went and washed. Then he came back; he could see”. In verse 41 we see the battle that the man whose sight was restored had with the Pharisee scholars because of the miracle that Yeshua had done on him. This man became a follower of Yeshua. Before the pilgrims went to the Temple, they washed in the Pool of Shiloach, a ritual washing place. There were more ritual bathing places in Jerusalem, read the article about Pisgat Ze’ev (a neighborhood in Jerusalem) here.

Yeshua cured a man born blind from being blind, after this man had cleansed himself in this Pool. A hint for us to become spiritually and mentally seeing. The feasts are the special occasions to seek Him and grow and to sanctify and cleanse us. 

Heartfelt greetings,