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In these changing times it is important to focus on things that are helping us to stay positive. To start the day with reading from the Bible and prayer has given me a way to coop with many challenges. Because of the way we believe, namely in Torah and Messiah Yeshua, we read in our Congregation the Torah portions during the week to prepare for the Shabbat. Prayer for ourselves, our loved ones and congregation is rich, and I believe part of our spiritual growth. Prayer for ourselves is a way to judge our own behavior and do thing better when needed. Life has many seasons, and every human being must face them and must pass through those seasons. The Lord will help us and being able to experience this is very enriching.

When we grow in age we can look back and it is great if we have learned and grown in wisdom and gratitude. To read Torah every day and celebrating shabbat and the Holy Days is an incredible privilege. This website tries to give expression to our faith in Messiah Yeshua and in Torah and the whole Bible. US Jewish Senator Joe Liberman recently visited Israel for two reasons: to visit his daughter and family and to introduce his book, which he wrote in 2013, in Hebrew. That introduction took place at a conference on Shabbat, with the theme: “Shabbat Unplugged”. Joe Liberman was born into an Orthodox Jewish family. He was orthodox until he went to college and then became a liberal.

The Shabbat always remained his favorite one which he kept as a day of rest and recuperation even during his busy work in the Senate. The purpose of this book in Hebrew is to promote love for the Shabbat in Israel and thus bring unity among the people. Research shows that about half of Israel’s Jews keep Shabbat in some way: lighting the candles, making kiddush, and/or having a special meal on Friday night. The book, titled “The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Shabbat,” is written for Jews and Christians. I hope this website contributes to the love for Torah and Messiah Yeshua. Messiah Yeshua helps us to follow Him and that leads us to the Holy Days of Israel with the weekly Shabbat as a fixed time in our busy lives here on earth. May the blessing of the Lord be on us who keep these days to His glory.

Heartfelt greetings,