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Your Wedding Clothes

Shalom dear children, Our Messiah Yeshua tells a story about the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Adonai. You will find it in In Matthew 22. We are now in the last month of the Jewish year: Elul. In Judaism this month Elul is a month to be aware of the wrong things in our...
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Can you shine your light?

Let your light shine When I was in primary school, I learned and sung this well-known song in Dutch: ‘So let your light shine in everything you do, so that people say: G-d is good’. This is what Yeshua says in Matthew 5:16: “This is how you should shine light to the people so that...
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Jewish remedy for Syrian general

Shalom boys and girls! By Anne Mulder It’s about 900 BCE (before Common Era). In a neighboring country of Israel, Syria, lives Na’aman. He is a general, the boss of a great army. Everyone admires Na’aman, for he continuously wins the war for his people. He has many friends, even the king of Syria is...
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The joy of shabbat

How it encouraged me to enjoy Sometimes I encounter difficulties enjoying things. My grandfather used to joke with me saying: “she cannot sit quietly in a chair for five minutes”. I am a busy person and I always feel I need to do something in order to feel satisfied and sometimes even to feel happy....
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