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Shavuot, a peak into G-d’s Kingdom Hall

Shavuot The Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) is the culmination of the confidence that Adonai gave to created man (Adam), but that was so cruelly violated by us. After all, Adonai had created humanity out of chaos (The earth was desolate and empty) for the purpose of serving and obeying Him. If we didn’t answer to...
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Another dangerous infection with world wide impact

Global trade and human rights violations Global open trade, which has brought us much prosperity and which would not be a moral reason why it would be wrong, does go wrong when there are treaties that are unjust. The treaties concluded with this international trade then determine how the lines of trade will go. People...
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Heroism during Corona Crisis

Where does the coronavirus come from? The virus is suspected to have been transmitted by an intermediate host before it reached humans. Scientists think the host was a pangolin, a termite eater that came in contact with a bat’s feces. The pangolin is a delicacy in the land of China and this is possible in...
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Acid Crime

Our role Women are talented in many ways. In order to carry out His work on earth with Him G-d equipped us with specials talents. The opponent has known this for a long time and so he tries everything to humiliate women and to break down their strength. Whether he will be successful is up...
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False teachings in connection with Israel

Igbo tribe and Jewish tribes In the search of some people for their past, they can come across the most surprising discoveries. I recently heard that someone had found out, that he is a descendant of the African Igbo tribe and that this allegedly is ¬†originally a lost tribe of Israel. I’m always happy for...
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