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Hanukkah: victory over old and new darkness

Celebration of Hanukkah The biblical month of Kislev is the month in which the festival of Hanukkah is always celebrated. During the period of the Second Temple, which had been rebuilt by Ezra and Nehemiah, the Greeks, under the gr√ľndliche leadership of Antiochus IV, invaded Israel. These hostilities against Israel had begun from the time...
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Rosh HaShanah: getting used to G-d’s Presence

Liberation Rosh Hashana starts this year on Friday evening September 18 after sunset. The month of Tishri is the seventh month of the Jewish calendar year. Once it was the first month and that is why the first of the three autumn festivals is called: Israeli New Year, Rosh Hashanah. But since the Exodus from...
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Shavuot, a peak into G-d’s Kingdom Hall

Shavuot The Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) is the culmination of the confidence that Adonai gave to created man (Adam), but that was so cruelly violated by us. After all, Adonai had created humanity out of chaos (The earth was desolate and empty) for the purpose of serving and obeying Him. If we didn’t answer to...
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The sounds of the shofar reinforce G-d’s call to us

The feasts of Israel In the months of September and October of this year 2019 the biblical fall feasts will be celebrated again. They come back every year. And it looks like we just celebrated them last week. Because time goes fast and we have the assignment to make the best of the time given...
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