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Southern Sudan, human rights?

Southern Sudan, human rights? by Martha Voet In the past I have worked as a nurse. I started my nursing training more than 35 years ago. After my training I went for some years to Africa, to the South of Sudan. I worked in a clinic with very few medical means and no doctor, but I...
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Suffering Nigeria

Suffering Nigeria by Martha Voet, Registered Nurse Most of humankind is struggling for life and trying to survive. One third of the world is rich by comparison. Sometimes we are disappointed during our holidays, because it has been raining all the time and the hotel or the food was not nice. On the other hand dependence...
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Faith and daily life, 1. being single

  In a group of singles two questions were discussed: 1. What effect does keeping Torah have on your everyday life? Keeping Torah makes us more steadfast in our points of view and adds more structure to our lives. It provides a clear framework. It made us start celebrating the Shabbat. Celebrating Shabbat has been...
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The shame of your youth

Parashat Ki tetse  13    Ellul 5768 Isaiah 54:1-10     September 13, 2008   No blush with shame, Those days are gone. No more shame and revilement No more rejection No violation No trespassing your boundaries No more loneliness and no more reproach No more abandonment and No sorrow anymore. The shame of your youth, Those days are...
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Lo-ruchama and lo-ami

Parasjat Hasjawoe’a     Ki Tavo                      20 Elloel 5768 Isaiah  60: 1-22                                                         20th of September 2008 Lo –  Ruchama Without mercy Lo –  Ammi Not Yours Lost innocence Stolen or given away Womb, taken possession of Life threatened by death. Be born again in My Spirit Enveloped by My Safety Sheltered, nourished...
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