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Sufganiyot for Hanukah

In the times of the Maccabees (175-135 b.c.e.) dough balls were already fried in oil and eaten with honey. So these doughnuts – sufganiyot – are refreshments originating from antiquity. Betey-avon! (Bon appetit) Ingredients for 4-6 persons (12 doughnuts) 500 g self-raising flour 5 egg yolks (remove any blood) 4 tbsp sugar 4 pack vanilla...
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Hamantashen for Purim

  Ingredients    500 gr. Flour 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablesp. olive- or sunflower oil 4 tablesp. water 5 eggs Sunflower oil to fry in Powdered sugar to sprinkle You can eat them also with honey. Preparation Combine all ingredients to form smooth dough and divide the dough in six round balls. Pack the balls...
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Yoghurt soup

Ingredients: 1 liter low-fat yoghurt (biologic) 1 cucumber 15 gr. Dill (not dried) 2 shallots 3 cloves garlic 1 lemon 10 tablespoons olive oil salt and pepper to taste Preparation: Wash the cucumber and cut in pieces. Chop the dill, shallots and garlic finely. Mix all the ingredients together very well with the yoghurt, lemon...
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Date Pastry for Pesach

In memory of Meytie who made this recipe and loved the Feast of HaShem so much! Ingredients: 200 g matzo meal 200 g ground hazelnuts 200 g ground walnuts 200 cc ( 1 cup ) honey 300 g white sugar 500 g chopped dates 10 tablespoons corn oil 8 (maize) eggs (check for blood) pinch...
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Mix Jerusalem for Succot

Jerusalem Mix Read the article “In memoriam Meytie Bruggeman”. For 3-4 persons300 gr. kosher chicken-liver 250 gr. mushrooms, cut big. 5 small onions, cut in rings 3 garlic pieces minced 3 tomatoes, cut fine 2 red peppers cut not too small 4 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp sweet red wine 1 tbsp sweet soy sauce 1...
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