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Shavuot, time to praise and thank G-d

Seven weeks after the holiday called ‘Pesach’, we celebrate Shavuot, the holiday of harvesting. The time in between these two holidays is the one in which Israel harvests barley. This is the time that Israel produces vegetables and fruit. This means it is a very busy period for those who work on the land. However,...
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Freedom and deliverance

Shalom, dear children! Freedom and deliverance: that is what Pesach is all about. At the time of Moshe (Moses), G-d delivered Israel and everyone who joined Israel from the slavery in Egypt. G-d even cared for the smallest details: “And I have led you forty years in the wilderness. Your clothes have not worn out...
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Chanukkah and our home

Shalom, dear children! by Noa Naor  Isn’t it wonderful to live in a house in which you feel at home? Of course, we all know that a house is a place to live in; however, this month we’ll learn about the ‘dedication of the Temple and of your house’, and you might wonder what those...
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Happy Purim

The Word of G’d is full of laws and rules. ‘Honour your father and your mother’ is even one of the Ten Words, that Moshe (Moses) received to give to the people of Israel. Adonai says that you shall honour yout parents: “so that you may live longer in the land that the LORD your...
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Qumran, memory of faithful Jews

Shalom, dear children! When you drive to the South alongside the Dead Sea, you pass the remains of a place in the mountains that is called Qumran, about 20 kilometres to the east of Jerushalayim. At that spot a Bedouin boy found bible scrolls in 1947. Therefore these scrolls are also called the ‘Dead Sea...
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