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Yeshua, Son of David

Shalom, dear children! When driving from Jerushalayim (Jerusalem) to Yam HaMelach (‘the Dead Sea’), one passes Jericho. Jericho is an old city, which is mentioned in the Tenach, the Old Testament (read: Joshua chapter 2 verse 1). Jericho was the city that Israel spied on, before she entered the Promised Land. Jericho is also one...
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Happy 5769!

Shalom, dear children!  Finally they’ve arrived: the biblical holidays! This means a month full of serious and joyful days. Let’s remind ourselves what these holidays are about. The Hebrew word ‘rosh’ means ‘head’. Rosh Hashana, the head of the year, means the begining of the year. This year Rosh Hashana starts at sunset on September...
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Is Shabbat boring?

Shalom, dear children! Are you also enjoying the summer holidays? Although the wheather in Israel is hot, many Israelis do go out to enjoy themselves. Except for vacations there are more moments on which one can rest, like the shabbat. When G-d created the heavens and the earth he rested on the seventh day. He...
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Counting the omer

Shalom, dear children! Do you remember how we spoke about the counting of the Omer last year? Let’s refresh our memories. This counting can be found in Leviticus chapter 23 verse 15 and 16. There it says that we have to count seven full weeks, meaning forty-nine days. The counting of the Omer begins on...
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Celebrating Pesach

Shalom dear children! Did you enjoy Purim last month? As every year, the celebration was very joyful, here in Jerusalem. We celebrated that G-d saved Israel from the evil enemy Haman. However, this month again we celebrate redemption. In the Jewish month of Nissan It is the Jewish month of Nissan. It’s then that we...
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