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Newsletter: Hanukkah 2017

Shalom! Humankind is created as man and woman, and the spiritual reality that this is expressing, demands responsibility from every person. It is a mystery that requires a sensitive heart from us. A heart that can also discern spiritual matters. Women have this built into their nature and can perceive the spiritual world easier and...
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Newsletter: Pesach 2017

Dear friends, Passover is an incredible feast which allows us to re-experience our own deliverance. First we remove all chametz (leaven, yeast) from our homes a thorough cleaning. Next to a physical task this is also a spiritual experience, because of the symbolism of yeast and sourdough representing our old nature and misdeeds. During the...
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Newsletter: Purim 2017

Dear friends, Soon it will be Purim and our newsletter is all about this important feast. Israel has been saved by a woman, Esther, working together with her uncle Mordechai. Queen Vashti, wife of king Ahasuerus, did not want to bow to theorizer of the king to show herself on an important feast, in order...
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For 8 people Leave the tomatoes out if you think you will have leftovers. This will keep the salad fresh for several days. Add chopped tomato just before serving. Ingredients: ¾cup (100 g) thick bulgur wheat 8 green onions, chopped 3 tomatoes, chopped 3 – 4 cups fresh parsley, chopped 2 cups fresh mint leaves,...
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Newsletter: Rosh HaShana 2015

Dear friends, The fall feasts announce themselves. The colder weather season is in the air. The laws of nature are following their course. Nature is preparing itself for winter and accepts death as a means to renewal. That is only possible if death is imposed from life and renewal. If death is imposed from decay...
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