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To stand for G-ds People, my People

To stand for G-ds people, my people! by Yvonne van der Tas That is Esther’s attitude, but also the attitude that I want to have in just all the little ordinary things in my life. But for this, courage, wisdom, patience, communication and vigor are needed. The call is there for everyone, to develop this...
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Bonding between mother and child

I work as a nurse in a maternity ward in the hospital. It is a privilege for me to be frequently present at the very beginning of the birth of a human being. I already once wrote something about this special event. It is found on this website under: motherhood: the birth.   Now I...
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Giving Birth

  “I am doing something new; it’s springing up – can’t you see it?” (Isaiah 43:19) In September’s edition of Melach HaArets I read the commentary to the Parashat HaShavu’a (Torah portion of the week) of  September 12th. Reading the sentence: “ It seems as if the Eternal One, everytime when He gives the people...
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A new job

A new job on Sukkot I have a new job and like to share with you the special way I got this job during the High Holyday at Succoth. For some time there was in me a desire not to work on the Sabbath, Saturday. The day I believe is the Lord’s special day of...
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