Antisemitism 5772



The Simon Wiesenthal Centre in America keeps us constantly informed about the situation in the world with regard to anti-Semitism. There are very worrisome situations, e.g. at the universities of America. Students who love Israël or Jewish are finding more and more persecution and violence.


There are pro-Palestinian groups that influence the whole atmosphere at the universities in a negative manner. The situation is downright alarming. The universities are specific battlegrounds for campaigns against Israel. The anti-Israël extremists are high-level organized and work hard for the young generation to poison them with an anti-Israël stance. Most are not aware of the real history of Israël and are therefore indifferent and easy prey for these fanatics. The students are young and often for the first time away from their home for a longer period. They are urged to abhor the Jewish state and if they refuse, they are reviled as dirty Jews and worse.


The Simon Wiesenthal Center never let this happen without action. She enters the campuses of universities with programs that counterbalance to these worrying developments. In Israël they too try to twist truths as it was Yasser Arafat who claimed that Yeshua was a Palestinian. According to Shira Sorko-Ram, founder with her husband Ari of Messianic Jewish congregation: Tiferret Yeshua, Israëli journalists commented: Everyone knows that Jesus was a Jew!


This year, in April, there was a conference held in Bethlehem by Christians who made an attack on the very existence of the state of Israël. They spoke with a smooth tongue about their love for the Jewish people and the land Israël. On the other hand there was spoken about the evil and immoral situation of the occupation of Palestine and the crimes against humanity of the criminal state of Israël.


It was during the so-called “Christ at the Checkpoint conference ‘and the speakers demanded that the’ security fence ‘(security wall) and the checkpoints were removed. For which Israël that would mean return of suicide bombers in Israël itself because security would fail. It was demanded that Arabs could return to their old homeland ‘which meant that the Holy Land would be given to the Muslims. (When you see the word: Palestinians it means: Muslims, because 99% of all Palestinians are Muslims.)


They taught the audience at this conference that the Israël of today has nothing to do with the Israël of the Bible. This means that the writings of the Old Testament in relation to Israël are no longer valid. The descendant of Abraham the Bible speaks about is Jesus alone and not the Jews. It was also said that the promises made to Israël no longer applied and that only a spiritual application is right and a literal interpretation is false. Ultimately, it was concluded that the modern State of Israël is no fulfillment of the Biblical promises.


Furthermore, pro-Palestinian activists that accused Israël also of war crimes made these films. The central focus of this conference was the suffering of the Palestinians since Israël is illegally occupying their land as they want to believe.


We also have to say that there are good, honest Arab Christians who know and believe what the Bible says about Israël and behave like Ruth did.

This is a process that we see happening all over the world in Messianic Jewish congregations where Jews and non-Jews from all nations are joined together as one in Messiah. People who join Israël like Ruth did! These people really love the Messiah of Israël, de Land of Israël and the Jewish people! A remedy of the Lord!


Shanah tova for 5773!