Jerusalem in Jewish hands

Never was there a thought in the leaders of that time in the young State of Israël, to even dream of having back Jerusalem after 2000 years.
The very small country Israël was at that time busy defending itself because of the attacks from all sites. Like in 1967, called now the sixth day war, when Israël was attacked from 3 sides.
Very fierce fighting was going on at the border with Egypt. It is more than a miracle that small Israel was at the winning hand with such strong armies trying to destroy her on all sites. We can only imagine that the God of Israel was fighting for Israel Himself.
At that moment Jerusalem was divided and the border was on the site of the Arabs in Jordanian hands. Jordan had a strong army. Israël did not intend to offend this Jordan army and there were strict orders given for restraining and only shoot when the Jordanian army would do this.
The Jewish area was guarded from a brigade that was situated at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus. There was never a plan to fight in Jerusalem or to conquer the old city, but when Israël was winning this terrible war at the border of Egypt, the Arabs tried to provoke Israël in order to distract Israël from her fighting  at the border with Egypt and in this way to weaken Israel. However, when a company of Jordanian soldiers crossed into Israëli territory from the UN compound in Jerusalem, General Narkiss ordered the ‘Jerusalem Brigade’, composed of local reservists, to drive them back.
This situation was totally unexpected for Israel and led to the capture and liberation of Jerusalem after 2000 years. Now the old city was open to Jewish people. The Western Wall, the Kotel, was free to pray again. This had been impossible since 1948. Jewish people could live in the old city again. Our tears were dried and our souls were comforted. A victory that can only be attributed to the Lord. These are prophetic times in which we live. We have to make a choice to stand by Israel. The world is turning against her more and more and against us. The nations choose against Israël but also against the God of Israël.
Where do you stand?
A woman of valor stands with Israel for she fears the Lord, God of Israel: Adonai (Prov.31:30)
She prays for the peace of Jerusalem till the Lord will establish her. (Jesaja 62:6-12)
Jerusalem is now, 5772, 2012, 45 years in the hands of Israel. The Rabbis have said that this year, according to gematria, the theory of numbers, 4 plus 5 = 9 and twice 9 is 18. This is the number for life. Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israël and shall be and is life for the world: Chai!