The Myth of the Naqba

The Myth of the Naqba
The commemoration of the sixtieth year of Israel’s existence was seized by the Palestinians and her allies to repeat the old myth of the “Naqba” (catastrophe): that the establishment of the State of Israel was being accompanied by a planned ethnic cleansing and eviction of the Palestinians and that the State of Israel is therefore born in sin. Efraim Karsh is a prominent historian researcher on this issue and an article of him was placed in the American magazine Commentary.

U.N. resolution of 1947
Instead of being the target of a rapacious Zionist attack, it were the Palestine Arabic leaders, who from 1920, campaigned merciless against the Jews in Israel. This campaign culminated in a violent attempt to undone the U.N. resolution of 1947. In this resolution was a call to establish two States in Palestine.
If these leaders in the surrounding Arabic countries had accepted this resolution there would not have been war and no migration of a people. Till 15th of September 1947 two high Zionist messengers tried to convince the Arabic Liga secretary general Abdul Rahman Azzam of two issues: the Palestinian conflict takes unnecessary energy from the Arabic Liga and secondly: the Arabs and Jews would have much profit from an active politic of cooperation and development.

Standard of living of the Arabs
The hope of Ben Gurion was looking reasonable at first. The money coming to Israel from the new Jewish immigrants and the skills they had, seemed also to help the Arabic inhabitants of Palestine. After the First World War the Arabic inhabitants in Palestine grew more citric fruit at the plantations and there was also an increase of olive orchards. There was an increase of social well-being. The mortality rate of the Muslim population was decreasing and the expectation of life was increasing from 37,5 years till 50 years in 1942-44, in comparison to the Egyptian average of 33 years. This can only be declared by the Jewish contribution to the socio-economic wellbeing in the mandate district.

All Jews into the sea
After the month of the resolution of partition of two States in 1948, this event in literature was never prescribed as systematic dispel or robbing of Arabs by Jews. On the contrary it was honestly clear that the threat to start war by the Arabs, against the Jews in Palestine would start if this resolution of the U.N. would be in acted. The Arabs never tried to hide their goal of trying to damage the Jewish State and to drive the Jews into the Sea as they still say. After this much violence occurred from both sides and the relationships between Arabs and Jews deteriorated.

Hatred against Jews
Mohammed Nikmr al-Khatib, a Palestinian-Arab leader said during the war of 1948: “The Palestinians had neighboring States that opened their doors for refugees, but the Jews could only fight to survive. Now 60 years later the refugees of 1948 and their descendants are still in camps where their Arabic brothers hold them, fed with hatred against the Jews and false hope.”

Some conclusions
The idea, that Israel planned all this, has been contradicted by the historian J.C. Hurewitz already in the 1950’s. Many more historians who were trying to prove that Israel had done this evil, could by studying the facts only draw the conclusion that this was a lie.

This article has been summarized and translated from the CIDI magazine: Israel Nieuwsbrief, Vol. 23. June 2008. 1: “De Naqba en de Waarheid.”
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