Suffering in Gaza

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Israel protecting its citizens
After eight years of living under shooting of rockets Israel took the courage to actively protect her citizens. Not anymore through diplomacy, but with military means. Since the year 2000 terrorists attack the south of Israel with rockets which cause material damage, emotional damage and fear and now and then civilian casualties ending in death. More than 4000 rockets have been fired at Israel since that time. Sometimes the alarm sirens go off more than 40 times a day. At this moment there is a truce.

Hamas aims at destruction of Israel
The defense which Israel is carrying out is aimed at a terrorist organisation, Hamas, which wants the total destruction of Israel. In the prologue of the Hamas Covenant 1988, called: The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement. 18 August 1988, this is stated literally, as it is in article 7.

Many hope Hamas will be conquered by Israel
Two years ago Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip. The government of Abbas was toppled and Hamas took over by killing the government officials. Abbas has said that he hopes to take the power back when the Israelis are done with Hamas. Since two years the citizens of Gaza are condemned to poverty. They hope that Israel will be able to break the power of Hamas. Then they will be able to live under their own government. Hamas uses Gaza as launching pad in order to attack Israel with rockets, made in Iran and now also in China. They can reach 40 kilometers now.

Israel aims at military targets, Hamas at Jewish citizens
Humanitarian help to the citizens of Gaza by Israel, necessary as it is since the government of Hamas, continues in spite of the defensive war. The assistance is difficult, but made easier since Hamas has its hands bound by this war with Israel. Israel is helping these citizens and that way it shows that it does not wage war against Gaza or Muslims, but against this terrorist organisation. Wounded people are being helped in Israeli hospitals. On the other hand Hamas is aiming at civil targets.

Hamas shows no respect for life
Hamas shows no respect for life, of Israelis or the Gazans who live in such poverty and who are now often used as living shields. Hamas buildings and launching pads are situated purposely in villages. Hamas officials have also Jewish blood on their hands. A cease-fire would not improve of the relationships with Israel, because the purpose of Hamas is genocide, the destruction of the people of Israel.

Hamas aims at world power
Even the Egyptian FM (Foreign Affairs), Ahmed Aboul Gheit, says that Hamas has got to stop completely with its rocket attacks if a cease-fire needs to have any effective result. Also America and Saudi-Arabia are critical concerning Hamas and they see the possibility that Hamas would be able to import the power of Iran into Gaza. Hamas is aiming at world power, according to Hamas leader Khaled Mashal in the Syrian capital Damascus on October 12 of 2008.