Growing bean sprouts

My mother has always been growing ​​bean sprouts, delicious and healthy.

Mung beans or katjang (beans / peanuts) idju (green) are used for growing sprouts.

They contain proteins and vitamins B and C.

You can buy Mung beans and sometimes they are available organic.

You can also cook the peas and you will find the recipe at the front of the package.

For mung bean soup with corned beef.

Growing beansprouts


You need 100 gr of Mung beans in order to obtain 300 g of Bean beansprouts.

Soak the Beans overnight in plenty of water.

Drain in a sieve and put the sieve into a pan and cover it up. Put the pot in a warm environment.

Rinse the bean sprouts 3to4 times a day under lukewarm running water.

If the bean sprouts are one to two centimeters they are ready.

Now we have to remove the green membranes. This is the most labour of the process. The easies way to do it is to fill a pot with water en put the beansprouts in the water. This way the membranes of the sprouts come to the surface of the water.

During a week the bean sprouts are fresh to use. After that not any more. You have to keep them dry.

To dry them you can pat them dry with kitchen paper. If you use an amount of the sprouts you have to rinse them.

Bean sprouts can be used in soups, salads and raw. If used raw you have to put them in or rinse them with boiling water.

You can also use them in wok dishes.

I wish you lots of fun and creativity!