FGM in Egypt

FGM in Egypt now forbidden by law.

After a difficult time of struggles and debate a law was passed in the Parliament of Egypt that forbids legally FGM. (May 2008)
However if there is a medical reason to do FGM it can be done and this way is being used in order to get FGM done.
This is the reason that most of the women in Egypt are undergoing this terrible act of dammage to their bodies. In Egypte much is done to completely forbid under all circumstances FGM, but practically this is not happening. There are groups that are fighting for this.
Also Coptic Christians do FGM. 10 % of the population is Coptic Christian.

Right now hairdressers are doing FGM and in 1994 there was a illegal movie made during a circumcision. Most of the women from Egypt, Somalia and Sudan have been circumcised. In most of Africa the practice is a very normal practice.
In countries as Egypt, Morocco and Jordan the U.S.A has pressured the governments in order to stop this practice of FGM. However Moslim groups are protesting and want to keep this unhealthy and very cruel practice against girls and women.
So please sign the petition in the article before this one: mutulated for life.

Translated from Dutch newspaper: A.D. June 9th 2008