Humanity in danger

Using our time on earth wisely
Our lives that we have received from our Creator are in fact incredible precious. In Jewish tradition life is considered a gift and life has to be sanctified by keeping the rules and regulations that God has given in His Word.
Freedom to live within the borders God has set before us is a most satisfactory life with a sense of incredible freedom. Transgressing these borders will have consequences for all human beings: for our relationship with one another and our relationship with God. This is the case even if we do not acknowledge God at all.
God is a righteous Judge
God has a heavenly court-case against all of us. Again also when we do not acknowledge this at all. It still is a fact. Because God is righteous He will punish us for transgressing His borders. Every human being has to take care of that very important eternal business for his or her own sake.
Creating our own gods
We are very good in creating our own gods. We worship our own chosen gods that have no ears, but are the product of our own desires. Through those desires or people-made gods we can manipulate people, manipulate circumstances. We oppress people and have power over people and we kill people if we are bad enough. We are enslaving the weak: children, women, sick, unborn children. Enslaving and killing the weak is an easy thing in this world.
Human life is cheap for certain people.
The world against the business of God
In most western countries we can serve God, read the bible, come together to worship Him. However in a growing amount of countries we see that people have no freedom to seek the will of God. Freedom where people can read books they want to read. Freedom of speech, freedom of writing and freedom of religion.
Controlling people by oppression
In countries where there is no freedom of speech, writing and religion there are rules and restrictions for people what they can write or speak. The rulers of those countries oppress their people in order to control them and manipulate them.
Because the freedom of those peoples is restricted it is hard to find the living God. Often bibles are forbidden and cruel punishments are given for those who own bibles.Freedom a gift from the Allmighty
The living God however desires freedom for all human beings. God wants us to take responsibility for our actions according to His rules and regulations and not being the puppets of dictators who control and prescribe our actions. In fact those dictators like to play god and often they make people worship themselves as god. For example this happens in North Korea and other countries with dictators.
Wars for freedom
In our western countries we have fought for freedom of speech, freedom of writing and of religion. We have fought for this freedom and many times righteous people have given their life.  Great wars have been fought for freedom and they have cost us great struggles and war. We have paid a high price. But we have persevered and won after a long struggle. It has been the grace of God, I believe. The basis of this freedom we find in the Bible. Freedom, equality and brotherly love are biblical issues and blessings that can only come from God and are a result of a life commited to God. But also these great gifts are brought into human doctrine where God has no place. Human beings like to get rid of God as much as possible. So also in our free countries we have a tendency to take our freedom in connection to our Creator for granted.

It is this precious freedom that is being oppressed in more and more countries. In many countries it is a crime to believe in the God of the Bible and Yeshua Messiah. This freedom is too scary for dictators. They are afraid to lose control.

Being a believer is more often a crime
At this moment people in oppressed countries who have chosen to believe in the God of the Bible and to believe that the Bible is the word of God, are put in jail, in concentration camps, being killed, being tortured. Women are taken away from their families and put in prison because they owned bibles.
In the Second World War being Jewish was a crime. And you got the death-sentence for being Jewish and we know that 6 million perished in the concentration camps all over Europe, a great part of this 6 million were children. This was only 65 years ago under a cruel mad-man dictator and his allies.
Women and children an easy prey
In oppressed countries we see especially women and children suffer. They are an easy prey for dictators whose desire is power and control. Women and children are the weaker ones and we see in the Bible how God wants to protect the weaker ones. Dictators use “manpower” to get their ungodly wills done. They make the men under their dictatorship cruel puppets without taking responsibility for their own actions. This is not what God created men for. At this moment we have 300.000 child-soldiers. They are sometimes not older than 7 years old. They are taught to kill and often they die in the frontlines. They are very cheap slaves for their ungodly masters.
People write that we have 200 million people in slavery and forced labour: men, women and children.
This happens in our days.

Woman of valor
A woman of valor has to speak out against such cruel and ungodly ways. Proverbs 31:20 “She extends her hands to the poor; and she stretches out her hands to the needy. We want to agree with the actions that are already being done by caring women and men in this world. We want to support their actions against the evil that is destroying these precious souls created in the Image of God.