Li Ying persecuted in China

Please pray for Li Ying!

Li Ying is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for her role in the publication of an underground church magazine in China.

She was arrested April 2001 along with 16 others from the South China Church and condemned to death December 2001. Her current sentence was handed down during a retrial ordered by the Hubei Provincial Supreme Court in October 2002. Arrest and imprisonment are not new to this young woman in her early thirties. She has been arrested many times and spent a year in prison in 1996. Li Ying is the niece of Pastor Gong Shengliang, founder of the South China Church, one of the fastest growing house-church movements in China.

Li Ying cannot have a Bible and is forced to work 15 hours each day on materials to be exported out of China. Please pray for this young woman to remain faithful to our Lord. This information is obtained fromĀ

Li Ying was allowed to meet with her mother on a monthly basis. Recently visits have been halted because she refuses to admit being a member of a cult.