Mutilated for Life


Recently I read a book about female genital mutilation (FGM) written by Waris Dirie, Somali model and victim of FGM. We should know that young girls undergo mostly always without anaesthesia a procedure that is torture and effecting the rest of their life. Pain, depression and not being able to love as she was able to, because of a beautiful creation and a loving Creator, are the result. It is a crime against women that exists in about 30 countries.
Also in Europe and the U.S.A.

Waris Dirie describes in her book how many girls undergo such a procedure and how big the problem is. Every day 8000 girls are victims of this cruel procedure and in Africa every year 3 million girls tortured by this procedure.

The arguments for the practice differ:
1.Family pressure
2.The woman’s lust should be taken away for otherwise she wants sex all day
3.Tradition and purity
4.Some say the Koran says so, but in fact it is the explanation of some parts that certain teachers of Koran hold on to.  Many teachers of Koran are against FGM and in more and more countries FGM is forbidden. That does however not lead to stopping FGM, for culture demands it according to many people. Even in Europe this procedure is being done, however forbidden by law and mostly done in a hidden way.
5.According to traditions that hold on to FGM the girl will never get married if without FGM. So FGM is better for the girl because of the cultural demands.

In the last years, more and more western women undergo a similar procedure. There are some slight differences: these women choose for it themselves and the operation is performed in a sterile setting with anaesthesia. But the reasons are similar: to conform to a social standard, to please man’s standard and wishes, to feel better (because more “beautiful”).
The whole package contains the same lie, only the wrapping paper is different.

There is oppression in the above, as well in the African as in the western FGM. As Waris Dirie writes (in my own translation from Dutch): “there seems to exist a beauty-ideal for the genital area in western countries and this fantasy corresponds quite much with the African ideal: a woman must have the appearance and anatomies of a little girl. So it seems there is a fear for everything through which a woman becomes mature. Her sexuality must be restricted and controllable.”

I feel it is disgusting! It is paedophilic to reduce the genitals of a woman in such a way that they look as those of a young girl. But it happens! Not only in Africa, not only in Muslim countries, in our own backyard, our own cosmetic industries.
God created us ezer knegdo, a helper next to and opposite the man. He wants us to be free women, not submitted to some false ideal. Let us rise against the part of the beauty industry that destroys Gods beautiful creation. Let us rise against a way of thinking in which the outward is more important than the inward. Let us protect our daughters and their friends.

If we work in the medical field: let us educate those who underwent FGM so they won’t have their daughters undergo this. Proverbs 31: 30 says: Charm can lie, beauty can vanish, but a woman who fears Adonai should be praised.

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